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    2007 Langley Summer Soccer League

    Well, due to the fact that there will no longer be a Fraser Valley Summer Socer League (R.I.P) for some of us to play in this year ( like we were actually going to play there again):rolleyes:. This league is now in the process of being formed. We have two teams who are already committed to...
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    I had lunch with your mom because the voices told me to......

    :D Pick the month you were born: >> >January--I kicked >> >February--I loved >> >March--I smoked >> >April--I dry humped >> >May--I choked on >> >June--I murdered >> >July--I did the Macarena with >> >August--I had lunch with >> >September--I danced with >> >October--I sang to...
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    2006 Fraser Valley Summer Soccer League

    Well, after much debating and the possibility of the Muckers folding, it has been decided that The mighty MUCKERS are in. Looks like we have a team this years boys.:wa: What other teams are in for this year?
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    NBA back in Vancouver

    Guess there is another attemp to bring basketball back to Vancouver:rolleyes:
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    Happy Birthday Beaver Buzz

    Have a good one Guiness. Hopefully the missus lets you out. :D
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    Div 1 Rangers post barbeque special thread

    Here we go boys. Due to the request of #7player who is jealous of not being invited to our Friday night love ins :D , I have have decided to start this thread :rolleyes:
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    Maybe now Bertuzzi can get his mind back on hockey

    Judge tosses out Moore's lawsuit against Bertuzzi CTV.ca News Staff A Colorado judge has thrown out a lawsuit filed against Vancouver's Todd Bertuzzi over his on-ice attack of former hockey player Steve Moore. Judge Shelley Gilman agreed with Bertuzzi's lawyers who argued that the case...
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    Fraser Valley Summer Soccer league 2005

    Well here we go again. The Muckers are back again this year and hopefully some earlier nights and posts than last year :rolleyes: (Why do I have this feeling that it just won't happen?). Finally received the schedule and the first game is on the 26th of April @ Langley turf @ 7pm (there you go...
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    Fraser Valley Summer Soccer League

    Well the Muckers are a new team in this league and will be playing their first game tonight. Hopefully we will be able to hold our own in this league :D. Should be an interesting season. Utah or anyone else any update on your game against 1st Capital? Looking forward to our game againt you...
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    A Night at the Races 04'

    Another night at the races TTP night at the races That's right! Another night for you TTP'ers who are interested in ponies and pints and let's not forget the waitresses that are there. Had some discussion with the Captain about a night at the track and we have a section reserved for...
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    Most functional word in the English language

    Well, it's shite........ That's right, shite! shite may just be the most functional word in the English language. Consider this: You can be shite faced, shite out of luck, Or have shite for brains. With a little effort, you can get your shite together, Find a place for your...
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    Tool Time Satisfaction

    Any BODY need tools
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    Honda commercial

    This is a new Honda commercial from the UK. It is very important that you understand: There are no computer graphics or digital in the film. Everything you see really happened in real time, exactly as you see it. The film took 606 takes to film. On the first 605 takes...
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    Mind Reader???

    Now this is freaky
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    Penticton Tournament 2003

    Penticton Tournament Any other teams going to this May long weekend tourney. Langley will be making a return to this tourney this year:wa:
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    Premier Campbell charged with drunk driving

    Premier Campbell charged with drunk driving Jan 10 - 3:11:00PM VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980)-- B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell was charged Friday with drunk driving in Hawaii. Campbell was holidaying in Maui at the time of the alleged offence. Maui police investigators say Campbell was arrested...
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    Mini Hockey

    Mini Hockey
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    It was inevitable

    Catch the baby I scored a 25
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    Where to get pissed this Saturday

    Langley United Halloween Dance, Oct 26 @ West Langley Hall. 9400 208 street in Walnut Grove Tickets 10$. Beer and hi-balls 2.50 Coolers 3.00 also some door prizes for best costumes.
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    Blast Billiards

    Another time waster