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  1. The Franchise

    NHL News

    Leafs all class in naming their 25th captain in club history
  2. The Franchise

    NFL 2018/2019 Season

    Everyone thing gets going next Thursday. I have the Week 1 Sportsbook up. https://www.takethepiss.com/sportsbook/ Who does everyone have this year? My prediction is Falcons vs Saints in NFC Final Steelers vs Texans in AFC Final Biggest upset....Philly miss playoffs. Biggest...
  3. The Franchise

    2018 NHL Regular Season

    Cant wait till the season starts. Who is your pick to win it
  4. The Franchise

    World Cup Finals:

    France to win... way to fast for Croatia
  5. The Franchise

    Fifa World Cup Semi Finals:

    Croatia vs France Final
  6. The Franchise

    Leafs Nation is back in the dance.

  7. The Franchise

    Maple Ridge Field Upgrades

    Coming soon: One 5000 capacity stadium and turf field being build at Albion Sports Field. One 5000 capacity stadium and turf field at Maple Ridge Secondary Resurfacing of SRT current turf field
  8. The Franchise

    NHL Trades/Signings/Draft

    Leafs trade and lock up a new #1 goaltender this afternoon with Fredrick Anderson. 30th pick and second round pick in 2017 is cheap espically when you have so many picks in the next two years. Now will the Leafs buyout or trade Bernier is the question.
  9. The Franchise


    How often this happens....
  10. The Franchise

    Yoda's Tight Pants/Shorts

    @Yoda did you check out the skit Jimmy Falon and Will Ferrell did?
  11. The Franchise

    MLB 2016 Season

    Is anyone else excited about MLB starting up Sunday? Its like Christmas morning for @The Franchise My fearless predictions AL East Champs Blue Jays AL Central Champs KC Royals AL West Champs Seattle Mariners Wild Card Teams Houston Astros Tampa Bay Rays NL East Champs Washington...
  12. The Franchise

    Bad Lip Reading 2016

  13. The Franchise

    Countdown to Stamkos

    T-7 months till Stamkos comes home and becomes the highest paid player in the league wearing Canada's jersey....The blue maple leaf. And for those doubters I want to remind you when I said for months that Babcock will be the Leafs coach ;)
  14. The Franchise


    Great show...if u watch the NFL this is a must see. Will Smith was unreal! "Tell the truth, tell the truth" 4/5 Franchise stars
  15. The Franchise

    Ha8ful Eight

    Went in with high expectations. Tone of killing....decent flick to check out 3.5/5 Franchise stars
  16. The Franchise

    NFL 2015 Season

    Season is upon us..... Go Falcons
  17. The Franchise

    Westcoast is moving on up in the Soccer world

    Fresh off the press Maple Ridge has been awarded two more Turfs fields at Albion Sports Complex. Announcement will be made at 1 pm today....but you heard it here first. Both current gravel fields will be converted to fresh new turf!
  18. The Franchise

    Babcock Sweepstakes

    So far.... Babcock has told Wings he wont be back...... Leafs have offered him 8 million a year...... Sharks and Coilers out of the running....... @Regs McKenzie doesn't know shite lol
  19. The Franchise

    American Sniper

    Movie of the year....make sure you all go see it.
  20. The Franchise

    2015 playoffs

    The NFC let Seattle clinch first overall again...... Back to Back is coming. Seattle vs Denver part 2 Seattle wins 31-24