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  1. Keeper

    HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!!! New Canuck uni's!!

    <Dude>I don't care about perception of those outside BC, here our team is named "The Canucks", and that logo does not represent our team name. I agree it is nice, but it doesn't fit at all.</Dude>In fact, since my last post, I was talking to my mother and she mentioned the same thing, and I...
  2. Keeper

    Soccer Seasons Postponed in Vancouver?

    I guess in the end, I'm just thinking about us. :) Sue me.
  3. Keeper

    TTP Premium Members Update

    Wow. A year's just up around the corner. My how time travels fast. I'll get you next month when the notice comes.... Cheers, Regs.
  4. Keeper

    Soccer Seasons Postponed in Vancouver?

    How does a field like Point Grey Turf stack up in a situation like this? It is a school board field, but what about after dinner/school/weekend hours? Yes, I know I should be aware considering my Westside affiliation, but I don't. Will turf fields like this be able to help alleviate the...
  5. Keeper

    HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!!! New Canuck uni's!!

    I don't think by any means they managed to knocks the socks off 'em this time round, but yes, they are a definite improvement over others from the past. Just a mild reworking of last years' Vintage jersey: nothing more. Had they gone anywhere near the ones post above right, there would have...
  6. Keeper

    HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!!! New Canuck uni's!!

    I like 'em. No complaints from me.
  7. Keeper

    Women's World Cup 2007

    Absolutely and fully agreed! I will not stand to watch 3+ games of that kind of crap ball. They have skill, and I for one, would like to damn well see it.
  8. Keeper


    I'm all about www.apple.com. Make the switch. :D :cool:
  9. Keeper

    Cfl 2007

    Seeing as how this thread is just starting in Week 9, I don't imagine many TTP'ers have been following along much -- BUT, did anyone see the 4th quarter of Saturday's Edmonton/Sask game? Holy rain storm, Batman! During a commercial break the ref's called the game due to rain and lightning...
  10. Keeper

    BPL TV Shock - What to do Saturday Mornings?

    Well, after my first Saturday of the Bundesliga I have to say I can't be much more pleased. It's been years of wanting and waiting with nothing but EPL until now. The picture quality on GolTV wasn't fabulous, but so far no real complaints.
  11. Keeper

    Top Gear

    A recent release from the Top Gear crew: The Polar Challenge 62 minutes. As usual matches the quality of all their other stuff.
  12. Keeper

    City of Vancouver votes in favor of Whitecaps soccer stadium plans

    I could see them using it big time for baseball. Imagine the advertising capabilities...
  13. Keeper

    Bundesliga 07-08

    I'm going to subscribe to GolTV today, so I'll finally be able to watch some of the Bund. Plus with the PVR, I won't have to deal with such unGodly hours.
  14. Keeper

    Beckham vs Pele

    Victoria: <yawn> :D Looks like it's all starting to settle in for Victoria now. What did she get herself into? You'd think after all these months the announcer could've thought up something a bit better than "Beckham can bend it!" :rolleyes:
  15. Keeper

    07/08 kits

    FC Bayern 07/08 Home
  16. Keeper

    downloading music and movie

    I put rape and pillaging down there. Strange rating system you've got there, Regsie. ;)
  17. Keeper

    Website Developing

    Classic :D
  18. Keeper

    Mmmmm. Beer.

    Well, we weren't totally alone on that one either. :D
  19. Keeper

    Mmmmm. Beer.

    No shite, eh? Who'd have thunk it? First cars, now beer. Just like the Germans.
  20. Keeper

    Mmmmm. Beer.

    Tough poll, really, to vote on. For me it's not really as cut and dry as import vs. domestic. If, when you say domestic, you mean Canadian, Labatts, and Moosehead, then sure, call me a import. That way I get my Kilkenny and Harp. But on the other hand, imports are bit difficult to fit into...