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  1. Keeper

    Cfl 2007

    Seeing as how this thread is just starting in Week 9, I don't imagine many TTP'ers have been following along much -- BUT, did anyone see the 4th quarter of Saturday's Edmonton/Sask game? Holy rain storm, Batman! During a commercial break the ref's called the game due to rain and lightning...
  2. Keeper

    Top Gear

    A recent release from the Top Gear crew: The Polar Challenge 62 minutes. As usual matches the quality of all their other stuff.
  3. Keeper

    Game Shows Are Not Made The Way Used To Be: For Smart People

    Tonight, I saw the last 2 questions of a contestant of "Who's Smarter Than a Fitfth Grader". Here were here last two questions (I kid you not). 1. True of False: North America is in the Eastern Hemisphere. (She answered wrong, but was "saved" by the correct answer of her 5th Grade buddy...
  4. Keeper

    U-20 World Cup on CBC

    2 items I've been longing to address here over the last several weeks: 1. Who the hell made up the commercial advertising this thing? Holy Crap! I thought I was watching an ad for Teletubbies or something. This is the World Cup we're talking about about here, not a weekend tournament...
  5. Keeper

    New Captain for 07/08?

    I don't think anyone would argue that Naslund was an underachiever this season and there have been whispers that suggest his return next year could be in question. Without Naslund then, who would make a good choice for our next captain? Any new signings would be extremely unlikely to take...
  6. Keeper

    Toronto FC 2007

    Toronto FC Hmm... Only 2.5 minutes for Navaro to pull his first yellow. Looking to be the star of the game, I imagine. Good broadcasting so far.
  7. Keeper

    Car For Sale: $500,000 or best offer.

    You read that right. Wicked cool. eBay Motors: Dodge : Charger (item 250108256198 end time May-04-07 10:02:36 PDT)
  8. Keeper

    The Fourth Reich: BC Ferries

    Last night's news showed BC Ferries proudly christening their new C-Class ferry, "Coastal Renaissance" along side their ship builder Flensburger Schiffbaugesellschaft. If you watched closely, you would have seen a very interesting symbol painted on the sides of our new ferry. I wonder what BC...
  9. Keeper

    Shemsta's Looking For A Team: No, Really.

    Shemsta is new to Vancouver and he's wondering if there's a team that's in need of a player. Or a sub. He's in good shape and would prefer to get on a team that plays on the weekends (Div. 3 or Seniors) if possible. It's getting close to season time and he still hasn't found a club to play...
  10. Keeper

    Baby News

    If I've been a bit MIA lately, that's cause our baby finally arrived last week. Normally I wouldn't go out of my way to make a big thing about my life, but to honest, everything has been going so well and she's made me so happy, I just thought I'd share it. Katelyn was was born last Tuesday in...
  11. Keeper

    Underachievers HQ: Maple Leafs vs. England

    Let me start by saying I'm positive I'll be taking some stick for this, but it was a idea that popped in my mind over the weekend that I thought would be worth a flutter on TTP. Since the 60's, the Toronto Maple Leafs and the English Football squad have had a paralleled history. Both last...
  12. Keeper

    Tootoo v. Robidas - March 17, 2007

    For anyone who missed it.... YouTube - Tootoo hit on Robidas Mar 17 2007 1. The hit on Modano was hardly "going after their star player". He knocked him off his feet. Little else. 2. Robidas was going in to protect his capitain and star player. He had both arms up and was aiming for...
  13. Keeper

    Hijab? Yes or No?

    Here's an interesting report from CBC yesterday regarding Muslim women's right to wear a hijab. FIFA is stalling big time on this one. http://www.cbc.ca/mrl3/8752/vsu/wmv-hi/arseneault-hijab070303.wmv
  14. Keeper

    Insane Saves

    Freddy Brathwaite from a few years back... YouTube - Fred Brathwaite Amazing Save
  15. Keeper

    Sexual Harrassment? You Decide!

    And if you think it isn't, just watch her reaction. YouTube - Glenn Beck Wants Racy Photos of Guest - v.2
  16. Keeper

    Town Centre Turf?

    I was told recently by one of my wife's co-workers that Town Centre Stadium has been dug up and replaced with turf. Is this true? I'm having trouble believing that; and I'd be pissed if it is.
  17. Keeper

    Ottawa vs Buffalo: Round One (In case you missed it)

    I'm sure Gary Bettman polled the arena and found that the vast majority of the crowd disapproved of what they saw. :rolleyes: Can't wait for the rematch tomorrow night!
  18. Keeper

    Great Hockey Quotes

    Check out this video and fast forward (if you like) to the very last clip. It's so easy to be cocky when you can back it up. :D
  19. Keeper

    The Reunion Thread

    The Police are back on May 28th! I am sooo fcuking going!
  20. Keeper

    All-Star Game 2007

    Roberto looked great tonight, although Crosby seemed to have his number for a bit. He sure did look a bit pissed after getting shown up twice in a row. :) Kipper was shocking. Miller took a bit to warm up and Broduer looked like the old veteran he is and was just there to have a good time...