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  1. Kevin Hector

    Div 3 [FVSL DIV 3] Results, Banter & Predictions March 2009

    Well the Miners finished of the season with a win. it was good to see the Preimer coach and some of my other GEU club mates out to watch us play. thanks for the support. except for the Little 7 year old kid that kept yelling at me "You suck fat boy" it was a good day. 3-1 win. on to summer...
  2. Kevin Hector

    Some dude wanted to fight me

    Honestly what the fcuk??? I know I'm a dick on here. but really one of my best friends is getting married and some dude wanted to fight me tonight hahaha. yeah we sang some songs and drank a shite load of beer but really white trash guy in Maple Ridge fcuk off. are people angry these days or...
  3. Kevin Hector

    Bono cheating?

    All I Want Is Two : Dramarama : CelebEdge : Sympatico / MSN Thoughts?
  4. Kevin Hector

    Whos The Greatest sports Franchise?

    I was thinking about what team is the greatest or franchise that would be considered the best sports team of all Time. any thoughts. I know most people will say the Montreal Canadians or the New York Yankees, Boston Celtics, Green Bay Packers,Manchester United to name a few. these teams have...
  5. Kevin Hector

    Franchise is a Dad

    This is a scary thought but Franchise is a Dad. his wife gave birth to a Healthy Baby Girl. way to go Bud. hope everyone is doing well.
  6. Kevin Hector

    Noel Gallagher attacked in Toronto

    Did anyone see this on Youtube???? just brutal. I don't care if you like Oasis or not you don't run on stage and push someone from behind. the guy could have had a knife or a Gun.fckinh idiot. Remember what happened to Dimebag the guy got shot on stage and killed. just brutal.
  7. Kevin Hector

    Tyler Anderson

    This Pains me to be postings this but my team mate and best friend Died today. Tyler was born September 28th 1984 in Saskatchewan. and passed away Today. Tyler was battling his demons and stayed with me for a month before he went into M.R.T.C. He leaves behind a daughter, family and Friends. I...
  8. Kevin Hector

    The Championship

    With the Championship ending last week, I was thinking What a crazy season it was in the Championship this past season. Sunderland and Birmingham are heading back to the Prem. The playoffs for the last Premier spot started this weekend with My Team Derby County winning away at Southampton 2-1...
  9. Kevin Hector

    B.C. Christian soccer league

    Has anyone heard of this league?
  10. Kevin Hector

    Best club in the Valley

    Looking at the standings to me it looks like Aldergrove have the best club in the FVSL top team in Prem, Div1 and Div2. POrt Moody have a good thing going as well as LAngley being a strong club, anyone else??? thoughts anyone
  11. Kevin Hector

    [FVSL Div 2] Off season Rumours 06'

    Because I'm a drunken idiot and posting Div2 rumours in the Premier thread, So i thought I would start one up, so have at it, GEU Wolves got relegated last season will be joining up with the Crusaders that got relegated from Div1, the GEU Titans also got relegated to Div3 will be playing there...
  12. Kevin Hector

    Turning 30

    Well I am turning 30 tomorrow, personally I feel crap about it, but is 30 a big deal? I don't know, so I leave it to you the people of TTP. What happened to you on your 30th??? are you freaked out by the fact that soon you will be 30? or are you missing those day's (Guru)
  13. Kevin Hector

    2006 Knights summer league

    I hope this works, heres a new thread for all who are playing in the Knights summer league, lets keep all banter in here.