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  1. Sliver

    2017 Whitecaps

    Freddy Montero to the Whitecaps rumor.
  2. Sliver

    Regional Tier 3 League

    When was this announced?
  3. Sliver

    TTP 2016 NFL Survivor Challenge

    Awesome!!! I thought the final 3 were going to make it to the end of the season. Thanks for running these pools.
  4. Sliver

    Champions League 2016/2017

    So close...... Congrats @oldtimer
  5. Sliver

    Champions League 2016/2017

    Goal from today's Europa league
  6. Sliver

    MLB 2016 Season

    Why does baseball do the trophy presentation in the locker room, and then the first person to get the trophy is the owner????:confused: They should go the route of soccer/hockey.
  7. Sliver

    2016/2017 TTP NHL HNIC Pickem Challenge

    Top of the table after week one!!! :woot:
  8. Sliver

    Youtube Finds Take II

    Not quite youtube... Football in the 90's
  9. Sliver

    Big Sam the new Gaffer?

  10. Sliver

    Euro 2016

    Road to the Final: France - Portugal
  11. Sliver

    Things that make you say WTF?

    Kerry Fraser's play by play of the fracas.
  12. Sliver

    Favorite Ice Cream Spot

    My vote goes to Matteo's Gelato in Poco as well. Generous free samples.
  13. Sliver

    Premiership 2015/2016

    Players reaction at Vardy's party
  14. Sliver

    Canada MNT: Road to 2018

    NY Times article on Leicester's season Imagine how many points Leicester would have, had he offered ice cream.
  15. Sliver

    TTP Bookie Dortmund @ Liverpool - 20160414

    That was crazy. 0-1 0-2 1-2 1-3 2-3 3-3 4-3
  16. Sliver

    Youtube Finds Take II

    Ozzy Man Reviews:
  17. Sliver

    It's Messy!

    The defender on the right also encroached, so what is the correct call?
  18. Sliver

    Premiership 2015/2016

    reference for those who didn't see the goal.
  19. Sliver

    Best Tackles. Ever.

    Then we both got yellow cards from Herb for sliding in the no-slide tackle league.
  20. Sliver

    Best Tackles. Ever.

    Giggs and Scholes dual tackle