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    RRSL summer league

    Thanks for your help MKLeveron, it's guys like you that make things run smoothly for soccer in BC!
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    Scottish Premier League News 2012/13

    Rangers in Division Three: Your guide to Scottish football's bottom tier - The Daily Record Some exciting fixtures ahead...
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    BCTF Strike 2012

    Captain hasn't read the comments but I've filled him in on a few of the more comical ones. Cheers Dude for not hiding behind some fake username! Positive response for the most part from what I've seen and in speaking to teachers and coaches at different schools.
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    2012 Senior Girls High School Soccer

    If anyone should be getting paid, it's me for having to look after him...
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    FIFA 2010 World Cup

    What was more disappointing for Italy's performance to Italian supporters must have been their reaction after the loss.........yah, no one likes losing but a little class would have been nice to see.
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    FIFA 2010 World Cup

    That's not what I just heard on CBC. They are showing the meaningless game on Bold and Japan/Denmark on CBC.
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    FIFA 2010 World Cup

    What a finish. Go on the Slovaks!
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    Keith Millar Provincial B Cup 2010

    Bud Light Lime was way more responsible for the Captain's posts (no way he was letting me in the computer chair) than I was...
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    2010 BC Provincials Masters

    Gorge isn't going to score three goals unless they get two PK's. Three of their five goals they've scored have been from the spot and they have all been questionable at best (I saw the one in Victoria and the video evidence from the North Shore News). Delta 2 Gorge 1
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    Youtube finds

    What a brilliant free kick, deftly chipped over the wall.
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    Thank u canadian women

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    Horrible Luge Accident Day 1

    Can't believe that CTV was showing it pre-opening ceremonies. Not the best introduction to what was a pretty good show. If it were a Canadian sadly, I don't think this would have been replayed over and over. RIP.
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    Vancouver 2010 Olympic Hockey

    Re: Olympic Hockey Poll and Banter Of the 64 KHL players, 36 come from Belarus and Latvia. Not exactly hotbeds for NHL stars.
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    Do you believe in magic?

    Happy Birthday Double In. Quality kit arrived today!
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    Darts Championship Series 2010 - The Return

    Fukcing weak sauce on the part of KNVB, Walks, and Sidewinder who allegedly didn't know this was happening. Well done to the lads that did show, OD was 3-3 but that included a win against The Executioner which was always a difficult task. Neo, One Hun, The Power, DITH and a new member of the...
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    Darts Championship Series 2010 - The Return

    Alright then, returning to our roots, Buck it is by the REAL dark northern board. 8:00pm.
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    Darts Championship Series 2010 - The Return

    O'hares it is then. 8:00 PM by the dark northern board?
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    Darts Championship Series 2010 - The Return

    Boards are gone from the landing after the renovation. I believe the dart board area is now a bar for "Club Landing" on Friday and Saturday nights. Sad but true. I think the DCS made a stop at Sportstown once.
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    BCPL- BC Premier League: Proposal

    You're right Girth, they are the Valley's players. They own them. Why the fukc haven't they seen the light before and gone "home" to play in the Valley?