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    The different approach to the ticket sales between Whitecaps and Sounders

    An offer from Seattle Sounders to buy tickets for their 3 matches against Galaxy, Whitecaps, and Timbers. As we can see Seattle Sounders obviously plan to open fully CenturyyLink Field (if necessary) for those 3 games. Quite a difference between Whitecaps and Sounders approach, isn't it?
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    Is it over for Crosby?

    Sidney Crosby and the 100-percent headache - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports It is hard to believe that Crosby will come back again. Even if he does, the next hit could definitely finish his career. Instead of watching great hockey players we will be watching big bullies. NHL failed...
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    Canucks 2011/12

    Canucks start pre-season tonight. Some questions: 1. What can we expect from Canucks this season? 2. How secure is Alain Vigneault’s job? This summer Canucks hired Craig MacTavish to be the head coach of their farm team which speaks volumes. Craig MacTavish (born August 15, 1958) is the...
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    VMSL Season 2011/2012

    Does anyone have any information about the next season? Plans? Is Premier League going to stay with 12 teams in season 2012/2013 too or maybe going down to 10? Any "big" transfers? Any rumours about "another new BC Premier league"? Other rumours? Maybe we can start some here!?:D Is it too...