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  1. dutch13

    Sounders Fans removed with anti-racism anti-fascism banner Best comment "Open your eyes people, there’s a reason why the team is called the Whitecaps." And I thought there was no action during the game. You racist fascists.
  2. dutch13

    CBC Trademarks "Soccer Night in Canada"

    Not sure if I'm behind on this, but CBC trademark for Soccer Night in Canada was processed 2 weeks ago... Rumour on TFC fan pages has TSN dropping MLS rights... CBC picking them up, or is this a play for CPL TV rights (assuming that league gets off the ground)...
  3. dutch13

    Regional div 3 leagues in Canada

    Canadian Soccer Association releases report on Division II soccer viability in Canada | Canada Soccer I don't know much or follow these developments too closely other than what hits etc. But I thought this was a bit of a useless outcome. Don't we on some level have these regional...
  4. dutch13

    Olympic Babes

    Day 2 and still no Olympic Babes thread? I'm going to have to start watching Womens Field Hockey Images - Ellen Hoog - Dutch Field Hockey Player - Striker
  5. dutch13

    Real Life X-Men

    Next level epic-ness. 6 Real People With Mind-Blowing Mutant Superpowers |
  6. dutch13

    New Extreme Sport? Looks safe. Toronto Terror - Just glad there's some Canadians in this league
  7. dutch13

    U21 Port Moody Gunners U21 Provincial Champs

    I just want to say, slob my knob canuck fan... Gunners backed up that trash talking early on with the provincial win, against the top VMSL team nonetheless... oh wait "its only U21" right... Anyways, it was about time for this team to pull this championship down, after winning the league the...