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    Lewandowski scored 5 goals in 9 minutes in todays game, coming in to the game as a sub. Amazing performance! 51' Goal Robert Lewandowski 1-1 52' Goal Robert Lewandowski 2-1 55' Goal Robert Lewandowski 3-1 57' Goal Robert Lewandowski 4-1 60' Goal Robert Lewandowski 5-1
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    In Memory of the backpass (1863-1993)

    Remember when you could pass the ball back to goalies and they could pick the ball up.
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    The Unwritten Rules of Soccer

    Jason DeVos recently posted his column on the unwritten rules of soccer. Are there any that he missed? Any that are garbage?
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    The GIF Thread

    It's not a video, it's not a picture. Post your GIF's here.
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    CONCACAF to get 4th sport for World Cup.

    CONCACAF to get 4th spot for World Cup. Apparently being announced this Thursday. Does this mean that Canada will finally qualify for the World Cup again?
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    Into The Wind- The Terry Fox story

    A must watch and inspirational film about Terry Fox. Directed be Steve Nash ESPN 30 for 30 : Into the Wind
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    [FVSL MASTERS] Predictions, Results & Banter 2010/2011

    Schedules are now posted on the FVSL site. Predictions? MOTW? Master Week 1 match-ups. Game 1 Sept 10/11/12 Abbotsford Brickmen FC vs Chilliwack Mission Utd Kilguard Park Sun Noon Peace Arch Dragons vs Delta Utd King George TURF Sat 8pm North Delta Utd Alumni A vs Peace Arch...
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    FVSL Masters Cup 2010

    Here you go. I hope I've got the teams correct. From the league: The teams will be positioned in 4 groups defined by your placement in the league standings as of Dec 14/09, no matter how many games have been completed. Group A - 1 - 16 - 12 - 8 Group B - 2 - 15 - 11 - 7 Group C - 3 -...
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    2010 World Cup Live Draw Dec 4 9AM

    If anybody is interested will be showing the World Cup draw live on it's web site this Friday. The draw is set for 9 am local time. LIVE BLOG: FIFA World Cup Draw Does anybody know who the seeded teams are? Qualified Teams Algeria Argentina Australia Brazil Cameroon Chile Côte...
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    Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions mic'd up.

    Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions mic'd up. He sure takes a big hit near the end of the game, surprised he was able to go in on the last play. NFL Videos: Sound FX: Matthew Stafford mic'd up
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    When did Women's Soccer get this dirty/rough?

    Womens college game BYU vs New Mexico. Very dirty play. YouTube- BYU and New Mexico womens soccer fight
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    Watch live games online

    I'm sure some of you already know about this site, but in case you don't here's a link where you can watch live sports for free. Lots of World Cup qualifying games today. Pick your team Some games you can...
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    Div 1 [FVSL Div 1] - Week 2 MOTW

    Week 2 games are coming up and no discussion yet. Full weekend schedule below. Hopefully the poll will work North Delta FC V LUFC Athletic Delsom TURF Fri 9pm Aldergrove Warriors V SFC Rangers Sth Aldergrove Park Sat 2pm GEU Knights V Port Moody Gunners Westview TURF Sat 8pm...
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    Theme: Soccer vs. American Football

    I was just looking at a pretty funny photoshop contest with the theme of soccer vs. American football. Some of the submissions are pretty funny. link below. one of the entries attached.
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    Fancy Footwork Video

    Here's a link to a pretty cool soccer video. Enjoy. I tried uploading the video to the gallery section, but something screwed up.
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    Origin of the word "Dude"

    I know at least one person will be interested in this.
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    Free Gmail account to give away.

    I've got two free gmail accounts to give away. If you haven't heard about gmail it's an email service by Google. Similar to hotmail except you get 1000MB of storage space instead of the 2MB you get from hotmail. Right now the only way you can get a Gmail account is through an invitation...
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    Got a opening in my foursome

    Got an opening in my foursome Here's what I was thinking: You're going golfing with some buddies, you book a foursome but only have 2 or 3 guys in your group able to make it. I'm sure there are people on TTP would be willing to fill your empty spots. What I'm proposing is that you...
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    News Headlines

    Masturbating Lowers Prostate Cancer Risk - Study Wed July 16, 2003 03:21 PM ET I guess most of the guys on this site are safe ;)
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    The Davinci Code - Web Quest

    This site was featured on the CFOX geek page. Basically its a series of questions riddles puzzles you have to solve before you can move on. Some of the questions get pretty hard. kinda cool. It took a while but I finally got through all 6 gates. The Davinci Code