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    Does anyone have any reviews, comments or suggestions? I've never seen them but I'm very interested in this concert... Tickets on sale this Friday at 10am... Metallica Fri, Aug 24 Rogers Arena
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    Tyler Eckford - New Jersey Devils...

    I'm proud to announce that my cousin (first cousin and full blooded) got called up for the game tonight and Saturday...and low and behold I'm stuck at work and can't watch the game.:mad::knvb: Thank goodness for recording devices!!! Eckford recalled; Murphy assigned to Lowell - New Jersey...
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    Happy Birthday Captain Shamrock...

    My guess is that you were trying to hide for this one... All the best with those aged joints and spurs you're dealing with Cappy! :p -SC
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    Happy Birthday Hands of Stone

    Enjoy your special day too!!!! My goodness, two Hairy Blue Dragons share the same special day +SC
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    Happy Birthday Besty!

    All the Besty on your Special Day!!!!!:wa: +SC
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    Happy Birthday Red-headed Stepchild

    Man, I guess back in the 70s July used to be a busy bedroom time for people;) ...:eek: All the best on your special day! +SC
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    Happy Birthday One Dart and T-Power

    What a day it must have been 14 years ago. I guess I won't invite you out for a drink tonight since you haven't accepted my latest invitation(s):rolleyes: Regardless, have a good rest of the day:) +SC
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    Happy Birthday K-Vale

    K-Vale, I can only imagine what I missed last night;) Happy birthday sista!:wa: ~SC
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    Happy Birthday Lionheart

    I hope special your day has been good to you! +SC
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    Happy Birthday Walks!!!

    Enjoy your day Mr. Referee!:wa: +SC
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    Viewing of the World Cup Trophy

    I thought I'd post a little note: The cup was on tour in Trinidad and Tobago last Thurs & Fri. If anyone ever has the chance to go see this amazing symbol of international football, do so. I'm still in awe, and the photo will prove to be one of my life's most memorable moments.:wa: +SC...
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    Happy Birthday Coach!

    Coach, I had a few too many pints in your honor last night...I hope you do the same;) Please enjoy your special day:) +SC
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    King Kong

    I have a few questions about this chick flick in disguise... Does anyone know what dinosaurs have to do with King Kong? Does anyone else remember King Kong being a lot bigger? Does anyone else think that there was too much story line spent on the island (eg. the giant bugs)? How many...
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    Whose line is it anyway?

    The underated comedy show...Richard Simmons
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    One Dart's support group thread...

    It looked pretty bad for sure. I thought I'd start a thread to help support One Dart in his first sprained ankle healing process. He needs help and suggestions on what to do next, so I thought TTPers could share their knowledge with him :) Best of luck with the healing A. Coach :) Perhaps...
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    Happy Birthday Can'tHeadABall

    All the best CHAB. I'd ask Munchkin to buy you a birthday beverage but then I'll owe her and who knows the next time I'll be seeing either of you :p Enjoy the rest of the day. +SC
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    Happy Birthday YODA!!!

    Happy Birthday Yogi, I'll let you know that 33 was a magic age for you know who and could be for you too ;) .........................or is it ":eek:" All the best Mr. Scorpio :wa: +SC
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    Happy Birthday Nutmegs

    Have a good one sista :wa: +SC :)
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    Happy Birthday Keeper

    Shitty day for photos with the rain, but I'm sure you'll snap off a few good ones anyway :eek: Have a good day! +SC
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    Happy Birthday Welcome Wagon, Willis & Socceroos

    I don't personally know any of you but I still hope you have a special day... :wa: :D +SC ~The TTP Birthday Wishing Commitee~