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  1. cside17

    World's toughest race- Eco Challenge

    Anyone watch this on Prime video? Used to watch the original on Discovery , late 90's-early 20's. Very intense extreme race. Unknown Mark Burnett produced before survivor,and amazing race. Feel like this is something Dude would have watched. The revamp on Prime is very good watching, Burnett...
  2. cside17

    ESPN 30 FOR 30

    This looks like it will be a good one... He says what he wants.
  3. cside17

    Merry Christmas from the Irish...

    I've been at a few Xmas get togethers like this..... Dropkick Murphys - "The Season's Upon Us" (Video) - YouTube Merry Christmas to all.
  4. cside17

    Tickets to EPl games in England

    Years ago there used to be a local company that would organize tickets,tours,hotels etc for games in England. Does anyone know how to go about securing tickets to EPl games? Anyone handle that locally, or is it best to just contact clubs directly?
  5. cside17

    Euro 2012 TV schedule

    Set the PVR's Here’s the schedule for Euro 2012 giving kick-off times in Vancouver; there will be pre-game shows. The game listed for CTV on Sunday, June 17, is correct (for some reason they’re showing one game) Friday, June 8 9 a.m. – Poland vs. Greece on TSN 11:45 a.m. – Russia vs. Czech...
  6. cside17

    Man Utd vs MLS all stars

    On TSN live, not a bad game. Sorry if this has been posted. Didn't see it. Utd just scored a great goal, awesome build up!
  7. cside17

    RIP Gill McGarva

    This will probably be controversial(sp) on here, and I totally understand why. I by no means condone what he did to VMSL, and BCSA, and the many players that got screwed over. Up until his crime, he was a character, and did do a lot for building VMSl to what is was then. I tipped a few pints...
  8. cside17

    The last person you would want to mug......

    If someone were to ask you who the last person anyone should ever dare to mug is, what name would be your answer? This lister is betting on 80% or better of respondents answering, “Chuck Norris.” Amazingly, astoundingly, two idiots managed to try just that. It happened in 1994. Norris...
  9. cside17

    World Cup Commercials

    Some good ones; For the Engerlish
  10. cside17

    Importing a vehicle from Alberta

    Anyone have any experience in purchasing a truck in AB, bringing it to BC. Getting it government tested, and then insuring it? It looks like ICBC wants around $120 for a days insurance, and a "binder" policy. Plus $25 for a day in AB.:mad: There has to be a cheaper way. Any suggestions?
  11. cside17

    Super Bowl commercials preview

    Coming to an office near you soon.....
  12. cside17

    The best engine

    A notable gynecologist once said, "The best engine in the world is the vagina. It can be started with one finger. It is self-lubricating. It takes any size piston. And it changes its own oil every four weeks. It is only a pity that the management system is so ****ing temperamental."
  13. cside17

    Scolari canned...

    Wow, that's surprising,or is it! Soccer news, live scores, and results - ESPN Soccernet
  14. cside17

    Does Linden's wife look disinterested!

    Either she is really shy in the limelight, or those 2 do not get along? Opinions? Otherwise awesome presentation so far!
  15. cside17

    Man beheads bus passenger!

    Now this is just f***ed! Man stabbed, beheaded on Manitoba bus
  16. cside17

    It's a local call

    An Englishman decided to write a book about famous churches around the world. For his first chapter he decided to write about British churches so he bought a train ticket and took a trip to London, thinking that he would work his way up the country from South to North. On his first day...
  17. cside17

    2006 BC Masters Cup - Final - Firemen Win

    Re: 2006 BC Masters Cup - Semifinal Results & Final Predictions VFF in a shoot-out, to finish off, a terrible game. I want my $5 back! Congrate to VFF!
  18. cside17

    [Coveside] World Cup 2006 Pool/Contest

    Anyone interested Coveside FC are again running a World Cup pool. Entry details can be found at
  19. cside17

    Well so much for road trips.....

    I guess there will be no more road trips to Seattle to watch Celtic. Toronto - After only two summer's of operation soccer's ChampionsWorld Tour which brought several of Europe's most famous teams to North America announced Tuesday it has applied for bankruptcy protection...
  20. cside17

    Should I push or should they jump?

    In light of today's traffic chaos; What should happen to those that tie up traffic, and close a bridge for 5 hrs? There are those sicko's who stand there and yell Jump, ya cnut! :eek: There are those who say they need help and can't help there actions! :( Curious to know what every...