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  1. housearrest

    Adult Small Adidas Soccer Jacket for sale! $50

    Originally bought at soccer city for $140 a few years ago and no longer fits. In great condition, fits longer/covers butt. $50
  2. housearrest

    team looking for players

    Mwsl div.3 team looking for a few players to play spring this season. 8 games for spring season, games usually on a tues. Just rec div for fun.
  3. housearrest

    cup games

    so, from what I've heard thru my sources, the fvsl has changed when the cup games r gonna start this year. supposedly, cup games will not start until the season has been completed, as from before when they started in the middle of the season. Any thoughts on this? personally, I feel this...
  4. housearrest

    Former Premier Goaltender and Striker looking for new team!!

    Former FVSL Premier Goaltender and Striker (both age 25) looking for a new team in the Surrey/Delta area, preferably Div 2 or up. Played on for a Div 2 team last year but team folded due to non-committment nature of the team. We are looking for a committed and competitive team to play for...
  5. housearrest

    Rivaldo incident

    Thought I would make a thread on this incident in the Brazil / Turkey game cause I didn't know where else to put it. Just announced today, FIFA looked over the incident and decided to give Rivaldo a fine of $10000 Swiss francs (ruffly $6400 US). Any comments on the incident? I thought...
  6. housearrest

    NFL Talk

    Just wanted to start a thread to talk about the NFL news during the off season. Info..........happened about a week ago, but the Oakland Raiders let go of head coach John Gruden (sp?), and he is now the head coach of Tampa Bay Bucs, who did release Dungy as their head coach. Any comments?