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    When is Walks making the move to broadcasting....

    VERY sharp interview Walks. Where's the plug for TTP though? South Delta Leader - Your Best source for Local Community News delivered in print or online Aren't you guys the Albion Fairies?
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    Happy Birthday Alikira/Captain Shamrock

    Gies a bitta that then son. Happy birthday.:wa:
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    Finally, a poll TTP'ers can get on board with...

    Rick Mercer has created this online petition as a result of the Beer and Popcorn comment this week....
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    Gentlemen, well done...

    Definitely, this is what TTP is all about. Not enough of this type of banter has taken place the last long while. Here's to hoping that we continue to get pissed up on a regular basis and slag each other until we're either too tired or too drunk. Well done. CanyouseeahappyhunnonoCSC
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    Follow the ball

    I did not do so well with this one, see if you can do better...Follow the ball
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    Happy Birthday Walks

    Happy Birthday Walks. Having your birthday a day before St. Patty's just might equal some lost productivity this week. :D
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    24 hour drinking

    Vancouver bars stay open until 3 and everyone complains, the Brits get it done right. Booze it up
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    Happy New Years

    OD would like to wish all of TTP a happy 2005. Thanks to Regs for a great 2004 on TTP (is that the key to winning one of the god damn premium member draws) and to all others who keep me coming back to the site and making my students ask why I am looking at a picture of two guys with a fat chick...
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    Happy Birthday Dartsinthehood

    Happy Birthday DITH, I'll wish you one from the Captain too since he probably won't see this.
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    Happy Birthday Bravedart

    Why didn't you let us know that it was your birthday today yesterday? I'd have bought you a pint. You're still a punching bag. Happy Birthday
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    DCS Dart Night -April

    Don't you feel dirty Walks. The rest of us are suffering. The reigning POM did not foresee a solid outing last night as his early arrival at the Landing for a meeting, and therefore the hockey game, meant he would be in fine form earlier than usual. But being well ahead of the DCS before their...
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    DCS Dart night - February

    Champions Tourney I see Vader lurking. Perhaps even posting. We need him for quorum.
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    Oh Canada, poor Bangladesh

    Canadian plumber stuns Bangladesh DURBAN, Feb 11, 2003 (Reuters) Dread locked plumber Austin Codrington took five wickets to inspire Canada to the first major upset of the World Cup on Tuesday as they beat test nation Bangladesh by 60 runs. The 27-year-old took five for 27 as...
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    Pedestrian Killer (game)

    I know this will become a classic.
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    Sunday Darts Tourney

    I thought that this deserved it's own thread. I won't be there tomorrow though because my partner is currently babysitting some rich kids in the middle of the Caribbean. Bravedart and Sidewinder should go though, they likely won't win but they'll at least get some practice in and maybe tire out...
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    What a great dancer...

    Don't really know where to post this gem but wow... I love the look on the first judges' face. Priceless.
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    NFL picks for pints One Dart vs. KNVB

    Double Loser vs One Pick Since Captain so eloquently gave us new names, I thought I'd humour him. Here are my picks for tomorrow. Hopefullymorethan6thisweek Carolina V Minnesota = Minnesota Cleveland V Tennessee = Tennessee Dallas V Philadelphia = Philly Indianapolis V...
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    Survivor Thailand

    Well, the countdown is almost over and Survivor is back. Haven't seen what any of the contestants look like yet, my only hope is that we don't have a "I love Jesus" repeat final with anyone as poorly put together as Neleh. I guess there will be more to say later. :knvb: :wa: :bronco: :knvb...
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    B-Ball World Championships

    I heard today that Mark Cuban is trying to protect his investments by preventing Steve Nash, Michael Finley, Dirk Nowitzki, and Shawn Bradley from playing because of insurance reasons. Nash made some good comments today I thought. He said that it would be tough not to play but that Mark is his...
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    Slamball on TNN

    I was quite impressed with Slamball. Fast paced, huge dunks, very exciting. For those who don't know, they use trampolines near the hoops so they can jump from upwards of 15 feet away from the basket. There is hardwood in the middle of the court and along the sidelines for three pointers. Four...