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  1. JAGS

    2018 BC Masters Provincial A Cup - Draw, Predictions, Results & Banter

    Terry missed the PK. No idea why Jinky did not step up and slot it home, as he is money from the spot. Terry’s PK still has not landed.
  2. JAGS

    Imperial Cup 2017 VMSL Imperial Cup

    Yes, we made a deep run in the late 90's. Beat Firemen in the Quarters at Adanac to make it to the Semi's, where I think we lost to Croatia. Denis Acili with the flying header to win the match in the dying minutes of the game. The classic orange kit still gets used every so often, but only...
  3. JAGS

    Sir M's Excellent Power Rankings 2016-2017

    I believe that was only one Bear Cub with the wallet out. The other lost his wallet in the snow. Always good to see Sir M and enjoy a pint. JAGS
  4. JAGS

    [VMSL Masters Division 1] Predictions, Results & Banter 2016/2017

    Horses 3 v Falconetti's 1. Game was dominated by Horses from start to finish. First goal off a corner, and then one just on the stroke of halftime. Went up by 3 in the 2nd and Falconetti's got one back on a PK. Result was never in doubt. Holy crap is Livingstone dark at night. I believe...
  5. JAGS

    [VMSL Masters Division 1] Predictions, Results & Banter 2015/2016

    I knew that I'd find either you or KNVB stepping up to defend the FVSL. Just keeping you on your toes. JAGS
  6. JAGS

    [VMSL Masters Division 1] Predictions, Results & Banter 2015/2016

    29, Div 1 Masters is their World Cup. Everyone on our team has played Prem and/or Masters Prem. Our time is done and we know that. Our combined age of our back line was 203 last night. A young 203. Reason why we are in Div 1 Masters. Mickster and Bandcamp, why so shy on taking it to the next...
  7. JAGS

    [VMSL Masters Div 1] Predictions, Results and Banter 2014/2015

    RF ........ can you imagine the dilemma I was faced with. Leave my beer beachside to save some yahoo from Calgary smashed and drinking the Pacific Ocean face down, or sit and watch, and let natural selection occur. It was a toss up, but since I had on my red speedo, and Bromela Anderson was...
  8. JAGS

    [VMSL] Masters A Cup 2014

    Will Eagles also be making his debut???
  9. JAGS

    Scottish Premier League News 2013/14

    ............ and then you get to play Partick Thistle. I know that is the only reason they have fought their way up from the bottom ranks, is anothe change to play at Firhill against the mighty Plastic Whistles.
  10. JAGS

    Best Bars Todays Generation Never Heard Of

    Confetti's, Dewy Pardy and Howe (West Van) and Savage Beagle (Whistler). Olympic Hotel and The St. Alice, and when they closed it was off to The Avalon and maybe finish off at The Sandy Cove aka The Smokey Closet. 2nd smokiest bar behind The Rose and Thorn.
  11. JAGS

    [VMSL Masters Div 1] Predictions, Results and Banter 2013/2014

    Sir M ....... it appears Bandcamp is suffering from a sensitivty issue. Please make note of this for future posts and cut the guy some slack. Your post was over the top. o_O Please resume. JAGS
  12. JAGS

    New looking Canucks 2013/2014

  13. JAGS

    [VMSL Masters Premier] 2013/2014

    Scotland is having a whole Shiite load of picnics at Kelvinside Park this October, as they own a lot of table cloths from the last two matches v. Croatia. Bronco, how you feeling about the Picnic Squad?
  14. JAGS

    [VMSL Masters Premier] 2013/2014

    Bronco ..... I am currently living in TDot for a year and living your dream of being exposed to all these Leaf fans who are on Crack. It is painful. loved the goal Bernier let in last night. RF ...... Partick Thistle holding their own. Off to Scotland soon for a few Jags games.
  15. JAGS

    Scottish Premier League News 2013/14

    Patrick Thistle 0 v. Dundee Utd 0. Jags deserved the full three points. Looked like a magic day at Firhill. Dundee U lucky to finish with 11 players.
  16. JAGS

    Scottish Premier League News 2013/14

    Partick Thistle!!!!!!! Rangers who????
  17. JAGS

    Shhhh, but...

    Shhhhit The Bed!!! What a collapse. "Now on the first tee, the Reimer single, joined by the Schneider single and the Sedin twosome" FORE ........ but put me down for a three.
  18. JAGS

    2013 Whitecaps Game Thread

    That could have been the most painful game I've ever watched. Rusin could not get a game with The Flying Horses and Nelly Hurtado needs to skip his first touch and go straight to his 2nd. Not enough booze in the house to even closely enjoy that match.
  19. JAGS

    2013 BC Masters Provincial Cup

    Regs ....... I took as more of a Beta type guy. :rolleyes:
  20. JAGS

    2013 Whitecaps Game Thread

    In Toronto right now for work, so need to find a pub to watch the match and not get thumped for wearing my Caps jersey. I don't think many people here care about TFC, so I should survive. I think the Caps are going to thump them, as TFC have nobody. I'll go with 4-0 Caps, Mattocks with 2...