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  • I'm on WCB right now, I tore my hip abductor at work so I'm not supposed to stand or sit too long at once and I don't want to get photographed by one of their investigators at a game. Hopefully be back in the new year. By the sounds of it I didn't miss much on our end. First time in ten years that we will be battling to stay up next year. Congrats on the win, and I really hope you guys beat PM this week. GoodLuck
    We made Dewdney look a hell of a lot better then they are. We played like shite for the first 30 and they were pretty decent going forward but couldn't finish. Once we actually played with some intensity they started to fold. They only had 13 and their best players are definitely their two centre forwards #18 and #13. They bring a lot of guys forward and were constantly trying to play the through ball to the opposite side of the field. They scored on a beauty of a free kick about 25-30yds. Oh yeah they always do the late kick or stomp or push after a play on the ball. I don't see you guys having any trouble with them, but don't take them lightly.

    That sucks about the Sandbaggers, it was the same with us when they scored with 30 seconds to go. Good luck next week.
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