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    Things that make you say WTF?

    um ouch, and I'm not a male:confused:...
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    2012 Olympics Soccer

    Another frustrating game to watch...too many give aways in the middle of the pitch... Canada was lucky to squeak this one by... Congrats to the ladies -I guess it's back to regroup, re select and work on our strategy to compete at the top level... I hope we can gain some speed, some strength...
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    2012 Olympics Soccer

    The good ones can use both feet. It's like Gretsky golfing right, but playing hockey left (Captain golfs right, but had an incredible left foot)... So sorry for saying guys, I guess I was one of the few who could(can) use both...But I see only see one sided thinking with right sided/minded...
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    2012 Olympics Soccer

    I have sooooooo much to say, but won't b/c I still can't wrap my head around what happened in that game... Desiree may be the 'toughest player' BUT you still need to be able to use your left foot at the higher world level... so frustrating to watch-
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    AMSL 2012 - Banter and all that good stuff

    THANKFULLY, you're not as creepy as the guy clanning the bottles... Warriors is one of my all time favourite movies... "Can you dig it?..." That quote took us through to the senior national championships in Calgary...although we lost the women's senior title in the final :( . I think Peg shite...
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    Youtube Finds Take II

    I wonder if Usain will head up the Jamaican bobsled team when he retires... that'll spark the chaos again... Incredible for sure
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    Euro 2012 Babes

    Reg, more like made in the US and sprawled across the pond... Damn, I originally thought this was a thread Striker14 started...but I was clearly mistaken... I see that Ms. Clarol #42 blonde has made it to Germany...finally hey ladies? (insert rolling eyes here) Captain, do you ever check...
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    Coed World Championship in Vegas Aug 24/25

    OMG Conductor...that would be quite the reunion for the good ol gang who attended the tourney in Yakima in the mid to late 90s... I guess that would mean o-30s though...oh sorry, more like o-40s now:)
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    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, isn't it nice that I have friends thinking of me... I've got another 'free' opportunity to see them...pumped I am. Thanks for the feedback gang!
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    Does anyone have any reviews, comments or suggestions? I've never seen them but I'm very interested in this concert... Tickets on sale this Friday at 10am... Metallica Fri, Aug 24 Rogers Arena
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    Goal Keeper: Valerian Wiebe

    Coach, I was there at the time, but I also thought it was caught on tape..and I recall it being posted on here... Perhaps it was booze related so I'm not entirely sure... hmmmm Is it in the archives somewhere? I guess Regsi would have the magic touch...
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    Van Halen 2012

    Honestly, you can never go wrong with a black R& B 'soul' group...they did 'get down' and had the crowd engaged... But, that's just my black half biased opinion... :D BTW, if your lady at work was a true fan, she'd see the talent that night...and there was evidence...
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    Van Halen 2012

    AND, I only read the Sun newspaper review when I got home (hours of writing the above)...perhaps I should get into writing media reviews ;) . I wondered why nothing was written up in the Metro or 24hr, but I guess they didn't have much to say. Oh well, I'm a new fan of Chickenfoot (with the...
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    Van Halen 2012

    ooooooooo, I'm surprised that no one has commented on the concert last night... I can honestly say that I had a 'heads-up' with the reviews re: Diamond Dave not up to snuff-so I was prepared. Eddie rocked as usual, Alex killed, and Wolfgang VH has stepped up in the confidence area...
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    2012 Senior Girls High School Soccer

    oooooooooo, I've been waiting for you to tell us the stories about the lonely mom's hitting on the teachers in private schools...