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    Premiership 2020/2021

    Agreed - Rashford is s stud.
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    Troubles in Langley

  3. Rangerforever

    NHL 2021 Season

    https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-teams-in-new-divisions-for-2020-21-season/c-319844882 I like the new divisions - It's a change.
  4. Rangerforever

    Youtube Finds Take II

    I never knew Bon Scott was the one who played the pipes in that song. Learn a new thing every day - Awesome. And yeah, that has Brownie written all over it. :D
  5. Rangerforever

    Fifa XI 2020

    Where's James Tavernier? Tragic :knvb:
  6. Rangerforever

    Premiership 2020/2021

    The better team lost. ;)
  7. Rangerforever

    Numb from the Covid

    You'll get the holidays and excursions all in good time my boy when you take retirement at 55 with your fat government pension. ;) I'm so tired/numb of it all on so many fronts and miss a ton of things I took for granted. Good news is 20 million inoculations are heading to the US this week...
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    Home Gym: Treadmills

    What's a 'treadmill'?
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    Awesome Stuff on Twitter

    Fcuking brilliant!
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    Things that make you say WTF?

    Scotland's in the European Championships.
  12. Rangerforever

    Euro 2020

    There is a God. :)
  13. Rangerforever

    Tony Waiters RIP

    Wow - Very sad. Legend so you were Tony Waiters. Thanks for bringing the Soccer Bowl to us here and having us qualify for the World Cup. Amazing achievements in hindsight and not sure anyone will ever attain those accolades as a Coach in Canadian soccer. RIP.
  14. Rangerforever

    Premier FVSL Premier 2020/21

    Habit. I always read FVSL before VMSL. :wa: