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    Golf Tracks 2019

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    Euro 2020

    Article is from Dec.6th 2012 :). There are numerous cities hosting though, they are: Amsterdam, Baku (Azerbaijan), Bilbao, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Munich, Rome and St.Petersburg.
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    NFL 2018/2019 Season

    Nice, but it would be better to see some of these ladies in any of @Yoda 's other threads
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    CR7 to Juventus

    He (or his lawyers) had already paid her $325,000 back when it happened to keep her quiet, as I read in another article
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    Premiership 2018/2019

    Did Liverpool sign Karius as their new goalkeeper coach?:mad:
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    World Cup 2018 - Quarter Finals

    LOL....still would be an upgrade!!!!
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    FIFA 2018 Group Stage Banter

    That's nothing compared to what some defenders are getting away with
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    FIFA 2018 Group Stage Banter

    More cowbells please!!!!:wa:
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    2018 Whitecaps

    When the attendance drops - what will they do? What will they do? Obviously they will cover up the upper sections of the lower bowl and create an "intimate atmosphere" for the remaining fans:rolleyes:
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    Bohemian rhapsody

    One of....for sure, top 5 definitely
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    Premiership 2017/2018

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    Champions League 2017/18

    Would have been much happier if they didn't concede the last can hardly wait to see Coutinos face in the crowd after Salah and co. take care of business
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    Smart phone

    Telus rotary....50 years and still going strong! :wa:
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    NFL 2017 Season

    and Pitt / Vikes the week after
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    NFL 2017 Season

    Hopefully not to the Patriots again