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  1. midman

    NHL Playoffs 2021

    Fat Lady officially singing. Now what Franny?
  2. midman

    Premier FVSL Premier 2020/21

    There are different lists for each division on the Team Contacts list of the FVSL site. Shows no PM Gunners, and Rocky Point FC and Greater Vancouver UTD teams in the Premier division. Are these lists more up to date?
  3. midman

    Canucks 2020 Playoff Edition - Round One vs St Louis

    Canucks win game 1, but, unfortunately, lose in 6.
  4. midman

    Premier [VMSL Premier] Predictions, Results & Banter 2019/2020

    I would expect they would at least refund whatever money they have left and issue a credit for the remainder. I would expect next years entry fee to be considerably more than this years as well. Sucks all around.
  5. midman

    Presidents Cup Presidents cup 2020

    I really hate it when teams forfeit, especially beyond the first round of cup. Some teams that didn't advance to the second round would of loved to have taken that spot and played that game. I'm sure WRU would rather of played the game against a willing opponent.
  6. midman

    Presidents Cup Presidents cup 2020

    Upset of the 2nd round. WRU Cloverdale to beat SAFC Hawks.
  7. midman

    Presidents Cup Presidents cup 2020

    Predictions Winners Dynamo PMO Grizzlies Benders Lightning Abby B POCO Rangers Ladner Wakanda Phoenix ND Royals Black Knights SAFC Hawks Highlanders v Royals, Won't do my game. Westcoast Dons Langley City FC ND Titans BCT Royals Rowdies WRU Cloverdale Mission A BCT Punjab ND SJ There...
  8. midman

    Div 1 FVSL Div 1 - 2019/20

    The youth program in CFC is there, however, they push the top kids into Metro programs and the BCSPL closer to the city.
  9. midman

    Div 2 FVSL Div 2 2019/20

    I was writing in the Div 3 thread, but stopped when I found I was just talking to myself. Hope to be back in the Div 2 thread next season where there is some action.
  10. midman

    Div 3 FVSL Div 3 - 2019/20

    Can a Div 5 be started for TWU?
  11. midman

    Div 3 FVSL Div 3 - 2019/20

    Some big matches in 3A this weekend. Predictions?? TriCity 0-3 Rowdies. Juventus 2-1 Impact MOTW Mission 1-3 Strikers TWU 0-4 PMO. Over/under on Trinity goals this season 2.5 Highlanders v Benders
  12. midman

    Div 3 FVSL Div 3 - 2019/20

    Highlanders 5-0 TWU. They showed up with 7 guys even though their coach told our coach they'd have a team to play us. We started slowly just passing the ball around. Once we started attacking, the goals came fast. Their keeper took a shot off the face about 30 min. in and couldn't continue...
  13. midman

    Div 3 FVSL Div 3 - 2019/20

    Predictions for Week 6 in the A Div. TriCity 4-1 PMO U21 Juventus 2-3 Benders MOTW. Strikers 1-3 Impact Mission 1-2 POCO Highlander v TWU. Hopefully they don't forfeit for a second straight week. Although we can't have a fourth game in a row with a red if they do.
  14. midman

    Div 3 FVSL Div 3 - 2019/20

    Pretty quiet thread without Celtic or "Don't call us Surrey" SAFC Hawks in the mix anymore. No Rowdies banter yet. How you boys doing?
  15. midman

    Premier FVSL Premier 2019/20

    What does Azad mean again? I was hoping you would enlighten me.