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    Part of the Problem...not the solution

    interesting hobby....... How often do you check what the number one sport in Australia is? Do you check on an hourly, daily or weekly basis?
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    Happy birthday, Webmaster....

    Happy birthday, Regs. All the best, Fastshow.
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    Anfield Lot being sold to Yanks.

    Top-c u n t i n g Scouts have prepared a guide to the Liverpool Reds' squad - including Craig Bellamy, who has 'switched franchises several times in career amid rumors of all-star level jackassery'. It's all here... Jose (Pepé) Reina Netminder with an impressive 19 shutouts this regular...
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    No Fun Vancouver...

    Genius, rumours that TTP was a pile of shite are clearly unfounded. Lita for Prime Minister. It takes a special kind of woman to be able to imagine large yet condensed events. And three cheers for anyone who agrees something is utterly uneffective but is willing to carry on doing it...
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    Calling Captain Shamrock - Where are you?

    Re: Champions League 2005/2006 Should anyone have any idea where el Burnsie is at the moment or indeed have any way of getting in touch with him Beano and I would appreciate it. We're in Glasgow at The Millenium Hotel, you see, under the auspicies of meeting up with everyone's favourite...
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    Bombings in London

    A very surreal Thursday indeed. I arrived at my office in The City outside Aldgate tube about five minutes before all the nonsense kicked off. Had it not been for my unflinching heroism and impressive bravery in the face of such normality I suspect I'd have arrived at Aldgate at precisely the...
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    Dapotayto's real name is Jeremy Clarkson and he writes auto reviews for a living

    Bloody hell, you've come on leaps and bounds haven't you, tiger? I remember a time when you were incapable of writing anything legible nevermind something as acerbic and witty as four words and an emoticon. Yoda galloping in to keeper's rescue. Tremendously funny, that. Well done Mr...
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    Happy 40th Ballbabylicious!

    Spiro, I understand you went to LA Matheson. Many happy returns of the day nevertheless. Fastshow.
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    Dapotayto's real name is Jeremy Clarkson and he writes auto reviews for a living

    No, I don't believe you. Why don't I believe you? Well for starters reading your posts is like hearing your favourite uncle has been caught masturbating in the school playground. Your "writing" has the unprecedented ability to appeal to precisely no one. This in itself is remarkable given the...
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    Probably The Only Decent Choon Thread on This Website

    For Jinky because I forgot his birthday in all the excitement......and because the word "beautiful" reminds me of him. Beautiful Day Without You- Royksopp You're Beautiful- James Blunt I don't know how you lot can stand the pace of this place. Feverish.
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    [Men Open] 2005 Provincial Draw

    Would this be an opportune time to nip in with one of my hilarious gags about the new goose-stepping war-coward Pope? Who'd have thought a kraut would be the first to the best seat in the Vatican by throwing down his beach towel and claiming ownershop of Pope Idol? That's not racist...
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    Happy B-Day Rangerforever!

    Congratulations, chumleigh. Good luck with that ravine running through your lounge and the firemen sorting out your crown mouldings. I wish that were a euphemism. Fastshow.
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    Players registrated with more than one league in BCSA

    Re: Players registrated I'd have thought most lads would have a difficult time playing football if registrated but I concede it has been four years since I played football in Vancouver. How things change...... eunuchs used to be confined to the 'Lomas.
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    Probably The Only Decent Choon Thread on This Website

    You were always ahead of your time, Smallsy. Now we can sit back and wait to see how long it takes Johnny Very-Average Canuck to spot it. Ready, set...... The Land Beyond- British Sea Power White Shadows- Coldplay Every Day I Love You Less and Less- Kaiser Chiefs Fishing For a Dream- Turin...
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    Shall We Have a Poll?

    Oh dear, now "Dude" thinks I'm sad. My reputation as a character on the porn and free music internet machine is in tatters. A huge axe? I wouldn't have thought it were possible for someone to have so clearly missed the point. You fancy yourself as knowing how to take the piss don't you? That...