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  1. cerebral smallsy

    BCPL Referee Shortage?

    I stepped in as a lino last week at my daughter's BCSPL game. A professional and unbiased performance. For free. :) The ref said it was her 4th game of the weekend.
  2. cerebral smallsy

    2020 Masters A Cup Draw, Results, Banter

    Seedings are based avg points per games played, as opposed to actual place in the standings.
  3. cerebral smallsy

    2019 Pork Chops @ Westerns

    The true test is who can get out tonight and still pull it off... Westside was 2 out of 3 in that respect with the Sticky Wicket being our downfall in 2010 :wa:
  4. cerebral smallsy

    2019 Pork Chops @ Westerns

    And the goal difference battle begins. Good win and good luck PCOV!
  5. cerebral smallsy

    [VMSL Masters Premier] Predictions, Results & Banter 2019/2020

    Indeed he did. Wanted to play one more year with his brother. Can't say i know for certain where others ended up, other than Robin Hart to PM and a couple others who are undecided where they might go.
  6. cerebral smallsy

    Golf Tracks 2019

    This year's itinerary four our north island trip in August: Crown Isle, (nice), Pheasant Glen, (under alot of people's radar...also very nice), Glacier Greens, (haven't played it, but i'm sensing its forgettable), Morningstar, (never played well there) , Storey Creek (one of my favourites)...
  7. cerebral smallsy

    2019 BC Masters Provincial A Cup Draw, discussion, banter and results

    Congrats Lallz, Dorms, Gomesy x 2, JB, Fraz, et.al. Pork Chops. Fantastic run down the stretch.
  8. cerebral smallsy

    2019 BC Mens Provincial A Cup - Draw, Predictions, Results & Banter

    Wow that Newway Forming kit brings back memories...
  9. cerebral smallsy

    2019 BC Masters Provincial A Cup Draw, discussion, banter and results

    That result doesn't surprise me. Two good teams and home field advantage very much the difference. A very tough place to play with good fan support. Takes a special team to win away there. Lallz...beer and wine store is a block away around the corner. For the road trip home.
  10. cerebral smallsy

    Premier [VMSL Premier] Predictions, Results & Banter 2018/2019

    Masters is calling....a number of ex-hibs playing for Westside ;)
  11. cerebral smallsy

    Imperial Cup 2019 Imperial Cup

    Imperial cup draw attached...feel free to start a new thread.
  12. cerebral smallsy

    2018-19 Masters League Cup

  13. cerebral smallsy

    2018 Masters B Cup Results, Discussion, Banter

    impossible to win with a player in net.