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    Premiership 2019/2020

    MANCHESTER IS RED!!! Ole got it right today. Boys looked very good. I also think James has been an absolute bargain of a signing. That kid has heart.
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    Premiership 2019/2020

    Ole should be sacked for starting Phil Jones alone. Fack that guy is awful. Also United are attacking up a storm and score 3 in 7 and you sub Martial?!? Bring on Poch
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    Premiership 2019/2020

    United fcuking suck. It's embarrassing. If we didn't sign Maguire and AWB it's bloody friends united out there. Garbage.
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    Comment by 'cascadesoccer' in event 'Newcastle vs Man United'

    I'm a betting genius.
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    Comment by 'cascadesoccer' in event 'Newcastle vs Man United'

    Lol I'm hoping they win but you gotta be smart with the dirty money. Can't be wasteful
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    Awesome stuff that happens around the web

    Where in the world is @freddy
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    Premiership 2019/2020

    Glad to know United have a back up striker, fcuk me. They need to spend 7 billion in January.
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    Div 3 FVSL Div 3 - 2019/20

    I heard they did. Haven't been with them for almost 4 years now.
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    TTP Fantasy Leauge 2019/2020

    GW3 Standings BullJive 193 Brummie Canuck 181 VanCity 180 Tough week for United and Spurs players. Interesting to see the trades and line ups for some favourable fixtures in gw4
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    Comment by 'cascadesoccer' in event 'Tottenham vs Newcastle'

    I think I'm now even for every other bet I lost this weekend lol.
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    Premiership 2019/2020

    That's 4 points we've blown on penalties. Had good pressure at the start and then it was so sloppy. AWB and Rashford blew it for my FPL today.
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    Breaking the MLS goals scoring record in style!

    Pennies you say, you could apply for management.
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    Breaking the MLS goals scoring record in style!

    He's to expensive. Don't want to talk about over priced talent.
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    2019 Whitecaps

    Carlos Vela has now scored the most goals in an MLS season and still has 9 games to go. He's scored 1 less goal than the ENTIRE caps team combined. Impressive, hilarious and sad at the same time.