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    Premiership 2021/2022

    Very much so. Either they're corrupt or just really bad at their job. Some of these decisions are awful.
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    Premiership 2021/2022

    A team that spends a billion plus over the past however many years winning the league. I would much rather have seen Klopp and Liverpool win over those twats. Also there's no way the league isn't corrupt, and IF it isn't then those officials that we watch week in week out should be finding new...
  3. 4thplacetrophy

    2022 Provincial B Cup - Predictions, Results and Banter

    When you lose so bad it's hard to say anything, but that snipers team were nothing special. Teams from the vmsl I've played in the past were far better like Shaheen, lupi, and metropolitan for example.
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    2022 Provincial B Cup - Predictions, Results and Banter

    Only result not showing on the website is the guildford one? Does anyone know the result in that one?
  5. 4thplacetrophy

    2022 Provincial B Cup - Predictions, Results and Banter

    It feels like forever since the last provincial cup its hard to judge who's who. The only teams I know are the remaining FVSL teams, and I've played with/against a bunch of the guys on Romania in the past. I would expect them to make a solid run. Looking at the all blacks record too, they...
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    Premier [VMSL] Premier 2021/2022 Predictions, Results & Banter

    Little harsh to blame the keeper there lol
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    FIFA 2022 World Cup Draw

    Might be a bit of a stretch but I dont think hes all that wrong... Vertonghen, and Toby are both aging, and not a shade on what they were in the past. Hazard has been on vacation since leaving Chelsea, his brother is hot and cold, add witsel to the past it list. Lukaku can be world class on his...
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    Looks as though Dazn has lost the rights to epl coverage starting next season. Having epl, European games, and NFL games for $20 a month was a great deal. Looks like it's going to cost far more now per month for people...