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  1. dopeashell
  2. SmartCoach
    SmartCoach Dude
    I also have found 4 players on Chile no ITC they and Inter are behind all this stupid ITC
  3. SmartCoach
    SmartCoach Dude
    Only wanted to let you know I phoned Rob Keam a week ago on Langley to let him know the name of a player on his squad who does not have a ITC form to take him off his list for his next game
    After what happened to us I did not want this to happen to another team
    Fraser Valley or Vmsl
    Mills is a nasty man
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    2. Dude
      Yeah they mentioned that. It’s nasty and Mills is a nasty man. BTW, this is my wall and “Public” to all TTP members. Go to our conversation for anything private.
      May 4, 2018
  4. SmartCoach
    SmartCoach Dude
    Hi mike call me Robert Rino’s soccer
  5. thomas mills
  6. thomas mills
  7. Sean Watts
    Sean Watts
    Well, I guess that makes Real Madrid favourites for the Champion's League now. They're hitting top gear. ABL: Anyone But Liverpool.
  8. Terafufard
  9. 99bllewellyn
    99bllewellyn Phil lennox
    Phil, I play for Meraloma's - we've played a few games against each other at both footy and darts; seen you've left Norvan? If you're looking for a team, welcome to come down and play with us boys...
    Give us a shout mate.
    1. ref44
      He is still with Norvan just the other div1 team
      Dec 12, 2017
  10. Scilaci9
    craig? greg?
  11. club_i_champ
    club_i_champ LION
    Go on and knick a point tomorrow night why dontcha?!
  12. Rene
    Practice, you mean Training?
  13. Rene
  14. machel
    A month before the season I stop putting ketchup on my french fries - Mario Lemeiux
  15. ItalianStriker69
    When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty
  16. thomas mills
  17. Jigsaw
  18. big gk
    big gk Soccer Coach
    All good. I didn't know how to post without eliminating prev quotes so was confusing. Take care
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  20. DFC13
    1. Farquea
      Cheers, not seen that on the Canadian site before although the prices are a little eye watering!
      May 31, 2016
    2. DFC13
      I know not cheap, but they are nice kits
      Jun 1, 2016