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  1. 99bllewellyn
    99bllewellyn Phil lennox
    Phil, I play for Meraloma's - we've played a few games against each other at both footy and darts; seen you've left Norvan? If you're looking for a team, welcome to come down and play with us boys...
    Give us a shout mate.
    1. ref44
      He is still with Norvan just the other div1 team
      Dec 12, 2017
  2. Scilaci9
    craig? greg?
  3. club_i_champ
    club_i_champ LION
    Go on and knick a point tomorrow night why dontcha?!
  4. Rene
    Practice, you mean Training?
  5. Rene
  6. machel
    A month before the season I stop putting ketchup on my french fries - Mario Lemeiux
  7. ItalianStriker69
    When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty
  8. thomas mills
  9. Jigsaw
  10. big gk
    big gk Soccer Coach
    All good. I didn't know how to post without eliminating prev quotes so was confusing. Take care
  11. akslop
  12. DFC13
    1. Farquea
      Cheers, not seen that on the Canadian site before although the prices are a little eye watering!
      May 31, 2016
    2. DFC13
      I know not cheap, but they are nice kits
      Jun 1, 2016
  13. DFC13
    DFC13 Farquea
  14. DFC13
    DFC13 Farquea
    If you are looking for new kit and like the adidas brand you could try You can custom your kit to almost any colour
  15. SmartCoach
    SmartCoach Dude
    Hi mike
    I still need your last name to donate on the page is says riders names
    Thanks Robert Freedman
    Rinos van sc
  16. BolisLife
  17. Dude
  18. gunners
    gunners dezza
    Email me u know who
  19. Rowdies Booster
    Rowdies Booster
    Bow down the the Rowdies
  20. Marcus
    Marcus big gk
    We squeaked it out carrying suspensions and injuries to about 5 starters. wasn't pretty but we got it done, well in on akal, good to see you guys bounce back and good luck the rest of the way. See you in the big leagues!
    1. big gk
      big gk
      You guys are on fire I thought you would be in trouble tonight no salt rota or Jimmy. Great work bud.
      Jan 9, 2016