Peg vs West Van will end in a draw. Either team wins, you win.
Paidout: $40
Winner: LION
This bet was settled Sep 26, 2016

Challenger Accept Message

I'm in.

Owner Settlement Status

Selected Winner: LION, Bet Challenger
So close!!!

Challenger Settlement Status

Did not submit settlement. Bet settled by bookie.

Bookie Settlement Status

Bet Winner: LION, Bet Challenger
  1. LION
    We taking real money? Or ttp money? Lol
    I have no idea. But it was a good bet to take either way.
    1. Regs
      Canadian Tire money
      Regs, Sep 22, 2016
  2. Sir M
    How do I accept?
      LION likes this.
    1. Regs
      You can't... lion already accepted
      Regs, Sep 22, 2016