Panthers vs Broncos Thursday Night Opener

'I will take Panthers to win' bet created by The Franchise, Sep 2, 2016

I will take Panthers to win
Paidout: $40
Winner: JcDubs
This bet was settled Sep 13, 2016

Challenger Accept Message

challenge accepted! lol

Owner Settlement Status

Did not submit settlement. Bet settled by bookie.

Challenger Settlement Status

Selected Winner: Push

Bookie Settlement Status

Bet Winner: JcDubs, Bet Challenger
no push, panthers lost clear as day - proceeds to the challenger.
  1. The Franchise
    @Regs stop yelling at me :finger:

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  2. JcDubs
    oh ok i thought since the bet was a tie in the sportsbook that it would be a push here too. Thanks Regs
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  3. Regs