Each week of the Fall season, CanPL.ca will highlight the top five Volkswagen Premier Performers of the Week, while updating the overall standings as players from across the league compete to top the table and win a new Volkswagen Jetta GLI. Here are the 5 VW Premier Performers of the Week:
1) Easton Ongaro (FC Edmonton) – 96.70

FC Edmonton's red hot striker is the talk of the CPL after Saturday's match against Pacific FC; two goals, six shots on target, an assist and several key in-the-box passes that could have led to more goals for the Eddies. Ongaro, who made the top five last week, is on quite some run of form.
2) Marco Carducci (Cavalry FC) – 83.78 pts

Overall VW Premier Performer leader improved his advantage at the top with a two-save clean sheet away to HFX Wanderers. He's keeping quite the pace...
3) Ryan Telfer (York9 FC) – 83.52 pts

York9's attacking force had a scary good game along the wing; six completed crosses three key passes and two shots on target. He was also winning the ball quite often, posting a team-high 17 duels, winning 70% of them, with five fouls won.
4) Mathias Janssens (Valour FC) – 82.72 pts

Valour FC's no. 2 goalkeeper stepped up at York Lions Stadium with a double-save penalty on Rodrigo Gattas, keeping York9 off the score-sheet. That was two of an outstanding eight saves on the day.
5) Oumar Diouck (FC Edmonton) – 80.89 pts

Diouck continued to find the back of the net in Week 15, adjusting to his new role in a wider attacking position with little fuss as his hot scoring form continued onward against Pacific FC.
Top 5 Overall

POINTS (Avg./match)
Marco Carducci
Cavalry FC
Nathan Ingham
York9 FC
Michael Petrasso
Valour FC
Ryan Telfer
York9 FC
Connor James
FC Edmonton
ANALYSIS: While the top two remain in place, we have a newcomer at third! Valour's Michael Petrasso makes the top five after passing the required 500-minute mid-season threshold, essentially taking Emery Welshman's place. Doesn't hurt he scored on the weekend, either. Also of note, Connor James has dropped out of his third-place spot, falling from a77-point average to be alongside Ryan Telfer. Download the Centre Circle app and submit your prediction for each week's VW Premier Performer, and check out the full, position-by-position Volkswagen Premier Performer tables here.

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