Smaller players get all the plaudits, don't they? What makes them more technically-gifted or easier to watch than a towering giant, anyway? Several diminutive talents have made their mark in the Canadian Premier League so far in its inaugural season, but let's not forget about their attacking counterparts, either. Whether by dominating in the goal-scoring charts, or enforcing at the back through commanding top-tier defensive displays, big talents have come up, well, big in the CPL thus far. Here are the top 5 towering talents from across the Canadian Premier League.
5. David Edgar (Forge FC)

At a sneaky six-foot-four, recent Forge signing and Canadian national team member David Edgar brings a great physical presence to his side's backline. His abilities long been discussed in Canadian soccer circles: strong, great passing range with some clutch leadership abilities to boot. A well-known towering commodity in Canadian soccer...
4. Dominick Zator (Cavalry FC)

At six-foot-two, Dominick Zator heads up a group of big, athletic Cavalry centrebacks capable of shutting a game down from any angle. Tough tackling, with great recovery speed, Zator has rarely put a foot wrong in 2019. His heading ability has been a particular highlight for Tommy Wheeldon Jr., especially off set pieces, scoring important goals in the club's inaugural match and second-leg Canadian Championship win over Vancouver Whitecaps. An emerging talent in Canadian soccer...
3. Marcus Haber (Pacific FC)

Another former Canadian international, Marcus Haber is a veteran at using his frame to his advantage. Take last weekend when Haber scored a header with his first touch of the ball against Valour. Rob Gale gave him credit post-match as a difficult marker, coming in at six-foot-four. High jumping reach added, Haber might have the tallest vertical in the league.
2. Easton Ongaro (FC Edmonton)

Tallest of the tall, Easton Ongaro makes the list midst a breakout summer – the six-foot-six striker has scored six-in-six matches. Thing is, while two inches taller than any other CPL player, only two of his goals have come from headers. The 21-year-old finds the right places in the box, whether positionally or with good touch, and is a great finisher with his feet.
1. Amer Didic (FC Edmonton)

Ending with another hulking Eddies player, Amer Didic arrives as a premier CPL defender who is just as good in the air as one the ground. Six-foot-four, barrel-chested with an ability to pull off "what just happened?" tackles, Didic is one of the most impressive defenders in the CPL. Leading the league with 11 headed shots (tied with Haber), he's a lethal threat in the box, as York9 found out last week. He can deliver a ball as well, serving teammate Ongaro with a perfectly-placed one-hot cross against Forge last month. A rare all-rounder with height. Who's on the flip side of this particular list? Check out OneSoccer's feature examining some of the league's diminutive attackers, too:

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