Remember The Island Games? They were over in a flash. Okay, that's the last photo pun, we promise. The 2020 Canadian Premier League season was unique, to say the least, especially for supporters. A season played and a champion crowned without club supporters seeing their side play live (well, save for a few lucky HFX Wanderers FC on Prince Edward Island). That's where photographers and OneSoccer's broadcasts came in. Credit to photographers Nora Stankovic of OneSoccer and David Chant for capturing The Island Games so well. Here are the best photos from The Island Games. RELATED READING: WATCH: The top 10 goals of the 2020 CPL season at The Island Games
Pacific's first goal under Pa-Modou Kah? Pandemonium

Sunburst huddle: HFX Wanderers prepare for a match against Valour FC

Cavalry FC's Tommy Wheeldon Jr. enjoys some flattering sunlight

Joao Morelli trots off after receiving a red card...

...and a two-match suspension for elbowing York9's Joe Di Chiara.
History made: Atlético Ottawa's 1st game ends in a 2-2 game draw with York9

Ottawa's Gianfranco Facchineri goes end-over-end...

...and is caught by Valour's Austin Ricci

Another memorable moment...
Hit the deck! Marco Bustos was fouled more than any other CPLer (35 times) in PEI

… and it's not even close. Akeem Garcia landed in second with 24 fouls won.
Black Lives Matter: All CPL players, referees, and administrators stand arm-in-arm

The showing of solidarity lasted for eight minutes during Cavalry and Atlético Ottawa's first stage match
FC Edmonton's first captain, Chris Kooy, tragically passed away during the Island Games

Jeff Paulus draped Kooy's kit over the manager's chair for several matches.
That's two! York9 celebrates Manny Aparicio's second free-kick stunner in as many games.

Coach Rob Gale celebrates (...we think?) a Valour FC goal

Rally the troops: FC Edmonton's Kareem Moses galvanizes the group after a first-stage loss

Ijah Halley in the midst of an 'accidental renaissance' as dubbed by York9

You got something on your face, Valour FC winger Fraser Aird!

Cavalry FC's salutes Oliver Minatel…

The Brazilian was forced to leave the Cavs' deciding first-stage game against York9 with a serious leg injury.
Wanderers Grounds v2: Halifax supporters cheer on their side from UPEI Turf Field

At the (Stephen) Hart of the Wanderers...

North Star Shield: It's see through!

Dig a hole and bury me

HFX Wanderers goalkeeper Christian Oxner reflects after conceding the second goal in the CPL Final.
CPL's 'champagne room' ready for the winning team

...and what it looked like after

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