All eight Canadian Premier League clubs are in the latest edition of Football Manager, the recently-released FM22. If you're planning on taking charge of your favourite CPL side, or perhaps the Canadian men's national team, the league is full of talent for you to scout, develop, buy/sell, and win with. The game rates players' attributes -- including things like passing, shooting and goalkeeper reflexes -- giving them both a "current ability" and "potential ability" on a scale from 1-200. Below is a team-by-team breakdown of all eight CPL clubs, from east to west, with the top players on each CPL club in terms of in-game potential, as well as an in-game transfer value. FM22 is available to be downloaded here on Steam, Epic Games, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and on mobile.

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HFX Wanderers

Player With The Highest Value:​

Alex Marshall -- £220k-£650k​

Player With The Highest Potential​

Alex Marshall -- 126/200​

Alex Marshall seems to be the player to build around for HFX Wanderers in Football Manager 22, with the Jamaican international winger rated among the CPL's best. His "potential ability" score is 126/200, behind only Mo Farsi and Marco Carducci from Cavalry FC and Atlético Ottawa's Keesean Ferdinand. Star striker Joao Morelli may be a bit underrated in this game, picking up a "current ability" score of 91/200, tying him with Alessandro Riggi and Morey Doner for third place on the team. Young midfielder Scott Firth is also a player to keep an eye on and develop.

Atlético Ottawa

Player With The Highest Value:​

Keesean Ferdinand (on loan from CF Montreal) -- £400k-£1.2M​

Player With The Highest Potential​

Keesean Ferdinand (on loan from CF Montreal) -- 129/200

17-year-old Keesean Ferdinand is one of the highest-rated CPL players in Football Manager 22. His potential ability (129) is tied for second in the league, with Cavalry goalkeeper Marco Carducci, but his current ability is a bit lower (86) at the start of your save. He's definitely someone to develop if you choose to control either CF Montreal or the Canadian national team. With a higher price tag compared to other players in the CPL -- second in the league, and valued at £400k-£1.2M -- it will be difficult for a CPL club to buy him outright in the game. If he impresses you, however, try to extend the loan agreement. Fellow Ottawa teenager Antoine Coupland, and teammate Zach Verhoven, also have good potential ratings at the CPL level (109) and give you more players to develop as you look to climb up the table in the capital.​

York United

Player With The Highest Value:​

Diyaeddine Abzi -- £300k-£900k​

Player With The Highest Potential​

Diyaeddine Abzi -- 125/200

There's a youth movement at York Lions Stadium, as the real-life Nine Stripes begin to establish themselves as one of the best clubs in the country at developing young talent. Diyaeddine Abzi is the player that FM sees as the one with the highest potential in the squad, and his high valuation reflects that. Abzi's potential rating of 125 slightly leads teammate Max Ferrari (120), who -- along with pieces like Chrisnovic N'sa, Dominick Zator and Michael Petrasso -- also give your team a chance to compete as soon as you begin your save. As you develop the core of young players, and perhaps win yourself a North Star Shield, their transfer values will also increase, giving your team a chance to make some serious cash in the process. Out on loan are Mateo Hernandez and Lisandro Cabrera as well, who could be two of the best players in the CPL in FM22, with potential ratings of 123 and 122, respectively, should you recall them.​

Forge FC

Player With The Highest Value:​

Tristan Borges -- £325k-£950k​

Player With The Highest Potential​

Tristan Borges -- 125/200

Forge FC are the back-to-back CPL champions, and the virtual version of the team reflects that. Tristan Borges and Kyle Bekker, the two Player of the Year winners in the CPL thus far, are both in the top-five players in the CPL in terms of in-game current ability, while it's on-loan attacker Omar Browne who takes top spot league-wide, with a score of 105/200. Elimane Cisse is also in the top 10, while long-time Canada defender Dejan Jakovic will be an important defender as you look to guide Forge to a "three-peat".​

Valour FC

Player With The Highest Value:​

Rocco Romeo (on loan from Toronto FC) -- £550K-£1.7M​

Player With The Highest Potential​

Rafael Galhardo -- 130/200

Andrew Jean-Baptiste is the league's top defender in FM22, with a current ability score of 100/200, narrowly beating Cavalry's Daan Klomp. Rocco Romeo, on loan from Toronto FC, is also an important piece of the backline, while Arnold Bouka Moutou is also among the league's best. Behind them in goal is rising star Jonathan Sirois, on loan from CF Montreal. Rafael Galhardo is also one of a handful of players in the league with a 100/200 current ability rating, and shares the league lead for potential rating with Mo Farsi of Cavalry. This Valour team will be strong defensively, and may cause some problems in attack, but you'll want to try and improve the squad and win now, before Romeo, Sirois, and the other three loanees at the club (Sean Rea, Rodrigo Reyes and Jared Ulloa) head back to their parent clubs.​

FC Edmonton

Player With The Highest Value:​

Azriel Gonzalez (on loan from Tacoma Defiance) -- £500k-£1.5M​

Player With The Highest Potential​

Marcus Velado-Tsegaye -- 118/200

Marcus Velado-Tsegaye looks like a very good player to develop for the future in FM22. The young forward has shown flashes of brilliance during his time in the CPL thus far, and in the game has a potential ability rating of 118/200. His current ability is 76/200, so you'll need to really develop him, but he's certainly a top prospect. Amer Didic is of course among the CPL's best defenders in-game, while Adam Najem, Azriel Gonzalez, Shamit Shome and Easton Ongaro will also be important players for your side. Like Alan Koch is doing with the real-life squad, you'll have to rebuild a bit and focus on development at first, but the pieces are in place to grow into a very competitive side with time.​

Cavalry FC

Player With The Highest Value:​

Mo Farsi -- £350k-£1.1M​

Player With The Highest Potential​

Mo Farsi -- 130/200

Cavalry has some of the highest-rated players in the CPL in Football Manager 22. Electric young right back Mo Farsi is the player with the highest potential league-wide, tied with Rafael Galhardo, while goalkeeper Marco Carducci sits in second in that category. David Norman Jr. has one of the highest transfer values in the league (£240k-£700k), while Karifa Yao is one of the league's top defenders, although he's on loan from CF Montreal. Joe Mason has a current ability rating of 101, placing him among the league's elite as well. The team is built to win now in FM22, and has a strong foundation to build on for years to come as well.​

Pacific FC

Player With The Highest Value:​

Terran Campbell -- £190k-£550k​

Players With The Highest Potential​

Marco Bustos, Terran Campbell, and Kadin Chung -- all 115/200

Just like the real thing, virtual Marco Bustos is one of the better players in the CPL, and leads Pacific with a current rating of 102. He's seemingly undervalued, given a transfer value of £90k-£275k. That isn't even top five on Pacific, so if you take charge of a Canadian MLS team, or perhaps even another CPL club, Bustos could be a real steal at that price. Terran Campbell, Ollie Bassett, Callum Irving and Kadin Chung are also part of a strong core with The Tridents that should give you a chance to win right away.​

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