Now, I'm not a professional designer. But I am a designer. Everyone's allowed to have a few embarrassing hobbies. One of mine happens to be designing mostly-fictional uniforms. I can't remember what I did two weeks ago, but I'll never forget my black, red, and gold design for "Ottawa AFC" in FIFA 10 (they were sponsored by Tim Hortons, by the way – foreshadowing or just a good guess?). Anyways, my expertise has led to me to rank this latest batch of 2020 Canadian Premier League home kits, which includes new designs for HFX Wanderers FC, Forge FC, York9 FC, FC Edmonton, Valour FC, Cavalry FC, and Pacific FC. The CPL's newest baby, Atlético Ottawa, will reveal their inaugural home uniform at a later date. Away uniforms for the 2020 season, meanwhile, are set to be unveiled in early April. RELATED READING: Founding CPL clubs reveal new home kits for 2020 season As always, Macron, the CPL's official kit supplier, has produced the new strips designed by each club. No templates here. Let's review these shirts, shall we?
7. Forge FC

Forge has the most unique colour combination in North American soccer. It's a blessing and a curse, as incorporating grey and orange together will always be a challenge. It's the combination colours that doesn't do it for me on this 2020 home kit. Grey shoulders are an admirable look, and one that doesn't look bad by itself. But white stripes that run to the sleeve, and an orange lower-half leaves me wanting more for Forge, who will be the first to wear the CPL's Gold Champion Patch as Finals 2019 winners.
6. Pacific FC

PFC's 2020 design sticks to Starfish Purple in a slight twist on 2019's incredible design, which was one of my favourites from Year 1. Outlines of starfish run down the front, intertwining with white. I'm not entirely sold on this look – although the white shorts in combination comes out okay. Ultimately, the bottom of this is a bit busy for my liking and doesn't offer enough to the overall design.
5. York9 FC

The Nine Stripes make a logical pivot by, uhh, adjusting their nine stripes from a lower-upward swoop in 2019 to a Paris Saint Germain-style middle vertical stripe. It's a classy change, and I like Y9's persistence on staying in white for a home option – it just doesn't do as much for me as the inaugural kit did. Maybe it was the width of the green stripes or the massive block of charcoal grey (a personal favourite colour on a soccer strip: 2011 home Toronto FC kit, anyone?) that we had in that Year 1 kit, which will live in infamy, that tickled my fancy. Regardless, this year's design is a fresh idea and a good attempt from York Region's pro soccer outfit.
4. Cavalry FC

As a millennial raised in the minimalist aesthetic world of post-Apple iPod branding, I find myself unfairly moving towards clean and traditional designs over what's clearly cool nowadays: hyper-stylized everything. Therefore, it's time for some course correction. Cavalry FC's 2020 home outfit is described as a "reimagined" version of their white slash design from last season. On first sight, I did not like it at all; too much white, too much going on. But now I see the vision from Spruce Meadows. With a modern spin, this kit looks fantastic with white shorts and socks. It's going to have a sharp feel on the pitch, for sure, and keeping with tradition is always a plus for me. Pretty good, but it still wasn't enough to make the three-team kit playoffs in my mind...
3. HFX Wanderers FC

Yeah, the Halifax Wanderers put freakin' Stan Rogers on their 2020 home kit. Soundwaves from "Barrett's Privateers" are featured heavily near the waist. Who's next? Great Canadian fiddler Don Messer? How about Alanis Morissette? That's a free third-kit idea, Atlético Ottawa (oh my, imagine wearing a Jagged Little Pill-inspired soccer shirt?). In all seriousness, including Barrett's Privateers – one of the all-time greatest pieces of music to come from the East Coast – is an incredible touch by the club, one that gives a nod to its supporters, the city of Halifax, and Atlantic Canada. And, to be honest, the soundwaves also play a huge part in lifting this ensemble to an incredible height. Add that blue-to-white gradient and you have an unexpected-but-class 2020 home kit from the Wanderers.
2. Valour FC

Not one, but two collars for Valour FC's home kit this season – but hold your laughter. This design defies the inevitable two-collar jokes. Switching from the black accents of their inaugural season to white and gold makes things more modern and fresh for a team looking to improve on a 28-point season in 2019. Those sleeves look even better paired with those white shorts and socks. An Arsenal comparison waits to be made. This 2020 home strip is also a clear commitment to sleeves, too. Few professional sides this side of the Atlantic Ocean have a distinct, year-over-year sleeve pattern. This is a chance for Valour and Winnipeg to stand out for years to come. This distinct 2020 style is the ideal start to a tradition.
1. FC Edmonton

Yes, yes, yes. Doesn't this year's FC Edmonton kit just pop? It's a clear swap of the two blues in FCE's colour palette – from 2019's darker tone to a deep-yet-light royal blue – and it works so incredibly well. The "X", which signifies the club's ten-year anniversary, is subtle enough behind the crest and just the right amount of detail for a kit like this. Oh, and the collar. Did you see how deep it goes? It's like I'm watching a music video on MuchMusic in 2009… in a good way! (I didn't want to end this on a Jason Derulo music video, so I'll keep going.) The Eddies have hit on everything perfectly; a classic style, the right colour choice, and it avoids an overwrought feeling many anniversary uniforms have. A worthy no. 1. EditorialAd-HomeKit_Launch

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