Hosts Marty Thompson, Charlie O'Connor-Clarke and Armen Bedakian recap the 2019 Canadian Premier League Awards! The gang looks at all the winners, examines the early player re-signings across the league this off-season, and delves into Centre Circle Data. Plus, Forge FC’s David Edgar joins the show to recap his 2019 campaign. Centre Circle LIVE! is now available on iTunes. Subscribe now. Highlights:
  • 1:23 – Should Tristan Borges been allowed to win both Player of the Year and Under 21?
  • 5:25 – How Marco Carducci took home a Volkswagen Jetta GLI...
  • 7:25 – “The vote was closest on Coach of the Year.”
  • 8:25 – “It depends how you value Cavalry’s win over the Whitecaps.”
  • 10:22 – The CCL! gang react to the awards and “one of the most special moments” of 2019
  • 13:22 – “There was never an on … season.”
  • 14:01 – Who’s your biggest re-signing so far?
  • 17:28 – “If he’s performing, and he’s under contract, and an MLS team wants him, they’ll have to play”
  • 18:23 – CCL! reacts to CCD! (Centre Circle Data)
  • 21:57 – How advanced stats retells Mohamed Kourouma season
  • 24:33 – Armen chats with Forge FC’s David Edgar about 2019 and potential Canadian players looking to sign with the CPL...
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