Canadian Championship time! Marty, Armen and Oliver are back to review Cavalry FC’s thrilling win over Forge, analyze the upcoming first round of the Canadian Championship and take a look back on the recently-expanded tournament's history. Also, HFX Wanderers fullback Zela Langwa joins the show to discuss his side’s home opener at Wanderers Grounds and who he'd like to face in the later rounds of the Voyageurs Cup. Highlights:
  • 1:51 – "They could have one hand on the title by then... they might already."
  • 5:31 – Was Valour fortunate to win on Saturday?
  • 7:16 – What’s the plan for Stephen Hart moving forward?
  • 9:03 – Phillippe Lincourt-Joseph red card reaction
  • 12:30 – HFX Wanderers left fullback Nzemzela Langwa joins the show
  • 15:46 – "The youth talent we have in CPL would be able to take on a big side or player in MLS."
  • 20:31 – Any potential upsets coming in the first round?
  • 25:09 – "What’s a matchup you’re dying to see?"
  • 27:01 – How would each of the CPL coaches celebrate winning the Voyageurs Cup?

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