Supporters are set to return to Canadian soccer matches for the first time in a year and a half Wednesday at IG Field in Winnipeg. Valour FC and the League announced last week that a maximum of 2,000 supporters will be permitted to enter IG Field starting with two matches on July 7; Atlético Ottawa vs. Pacific FC (6 pm CT/7 pm ET) and hometown Valour formally hosting York United (9 pm CT/10 pm ET). It’s a long-awaited return for supporters of the game in this country and a good omen for when CanPL clubs leave the Winnipeg bubble – slated for the end of July – and return to their home markets. In honour of this triumphant return, and the chance to recruit new supporters to join them in the stands, we’ve asked eight CanPL supporters' groups to give their best elevator pitch for their club – why should a CanPL neutral support this team over another?

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River Valley Vanguard – FC Edmonton

FC Edmonton is a team that prides itself on the work ethic and effort players involved with the club display on the field. As a supporters’ group, we fly a banner at home and away games that states “where you go, we will follow.” Showing that the supporters’ group will follow the team through its highs and lows. And as any FC Edmonton supporter knows. There have been a few major lows in the team’s history. However, if you like a team that puts it all on the field then join us and cheer for the Eddies. – by Greg Servold

Atlético Ottawa – Capital City Supporters Group

Two words. Two Capitals. Two Countries. Blending the footballing culture of European giants with the passion of North America, Atlético Ottawa’s association with the reigning Spanish Champions give the club a unique flair, standing apart from the rest of the teams in the league. Being the latest addition to the CanPL we are the underdogs, but trust me when I say, like a matador, the CanPL is ours to tame. Cocido madrileño and Beaver Tails, an unlikely but dreamy combination in the iconic red and white stripes. – Capital City Supporters Group

Forge FC – Barton St. Battalion

Ambitious. Champions. CONCACAF. Dragons. Most importantly, five-dollar beers before kick-off. That’s ten words and an acronym that set Forge FC apart from every other team in the Canadian Premier League. From the beginning Forge FC has been ambitious in their targets – and have met many of those goals. If you want goals, we have those too, Forge has been held scoreless only four times and has a golden boot winner. League winner twice, in only two opportunities. Forge has participated in CONCACAF League two years running, with a third upcoming, having played in five other countries. International away days that no other team can offer. For the kids, and the young at heart, Forge has dragons on the kit, in the stands, and Dragon Energy from the supporters. If that’s not enough to sway you, there’s still those five-dollar beers before that add to the fun. Support Forge FC, it’s worth it. – Jason Barnett, Barton St. Battalion

Valour FC – Red River Rising

Why Winnipeg? We're a quirky, exotic (seriously… Do you know anyone who has been here?) underdog. In spite of this, both National Geographic and Conde Nast have named us in recent 'Top 20 Places to Visit' articles. When you finally get to join us one weekend at the stadium you can also have your fill of art, architecture, great food, craft breweries and Polar Bears doing yoga at the zoo. Firstly, we have the best stadium – not a recycled horse meadow, not a storage facility for shipping containers. An actual stadium that has hosted World Cup games. Best looking kit. York's kit has appeal, but really… no question. Rob Gale. Best one liners in the league. The CPL's answer to Harry Redknapp. Let’s not forget the hub of creativity, enthusiasm and cutting football commentary that is 'The Trench'. Enough said. – Ian Smith, Red River Rising

York United – Centre of the Universe

York United has the blessing and curse of being within the Greater Toronto Area. Within the country's largest city there is a lot of competition not only for sport but for every entertainment dollar. Being spoiled for choice, Torontonians expect nothing but the best and those expectations extend to York United. Our supporters' group name is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek reference to how Toronto is perceived within the rest of the country. That only adds pressure for us as a supporters' group to push the players to give everything they have as second best is never good enough. The fortunate thing about York United, and what sets it apart from other clubs in the GTA, is that York United is growing stronger every day. The atmosphere at York Lions Stadium may be a little more laid back and that speaks to the family-friendly vibe. You can also see how committed York United is in developing young footballers from all over the world including players from right here in Southern Ontario. We're incredibly proud of these players, who will inevitably be legends in their own right, paving the way for the future of Canadian soccer. If you're looking for a club to support, and these attributes are attractive to you, then we'd recommend you following and supporting York United Football Club. – Centre of the Universe

Pacific FC – Lake Side Buoys

We’re young. We’re fast. We’re bold. We’re Pacific FC from Vancouver Island. Crashing coastal waves to mighty Douglas firs – we’re Vancouver Island. Representing Victoria to Port Hardy, Tofino to Nanaimo and everywhere in-between. We respect the traditions of those who came before us. The Coast Salish, the Nuu-chah-nulth, the Kwakwa̱ka̱ʼwakw, and the monarch who gives Victoria its namesake. We are a place of history, yet the future is bright at our home of Starlight. Trust the Kids – we won the league’s first victory. Campbell, Blasco, Bustos, Chung, and more. If you look to the future you look to Pacific FC. – Andrew Fitzsimmons, Lake Side Buoys

HFX Wanderers FC – Privateers 1882

Wanderers supporters have grown used to being many CPL fans’ second-favourite club — thanks to the boisterous atmosphere at home matches, and Halifax’s status as a picturesque tourist destination and party town. But if you’re looking to plant your flag outright, don’t just come for the party, stay for the football. The Wanderers offer arguably the most watchable soccer in the league, with pace and creativity and, under coach Stephen Hart’s leadership, tactical nous. The club’s journey from first-season basement to second-season finalist is a narrative junkie’s dream, and the supporters’ and club’s commitment to diversity makes ours a culture to believe in. Together from away – come on you Wanderers! – James Covey, Privateers 1882

Cavalry FC – Foot Soldiers

What's it take to be a Cavs fan? It takes you! We have incredible coaching and players that care and are involved on and off the pitch. Every match, our team goes at the opposition for 90+ minutes with the skill and quality to compete, and we score goals like no one else in the league. Cavalry has scored with only nine men and has scored eight goals in a game. No one else has beaten MLS competition and they’re good enough to do it again. When you come for a game, you’ll find supporters will always welcome you. Whether we play at home, away, or in a bubble, there is always room for one more to cheer on the most entertaining team in CanPL. – Nicki Brown, Foot Soldiers

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