In the final episode of the Virtual Newsroom for 2020.'s Charlie O'Connor-Clarke and Marty Thompson are rejoined by Armen Bedakian, now of OneSoccer, for the annual Year-End quiz! Marty plays quizmaster to Charlie and Armen, with the former looking to repeat as Year-End Quiz champion after a stellar performance in 2019. The duo impressed with their knowledge of Canadian music, The Island Games, Alphonso Davies' social media, and showed off a perfect memory for a record number of penalties in 2020. Subscribe to the podcast for more episodes in the New Year as the crew prepares for a 2021 CPL season. To take the quiz yourself, scroll below the podcast player to review the questions. Answers can be found below.

  • 4:30 – Round one begins with Alphonso Davies
  • 8:49 – More Davies: How fast did the Canadian run to beat Bundesliga's speed question
  • 15:01 – Armen comes up big with a tricky Christine Sinclair question
  • 17:45 – Crowdfunded round: Niko Giantsopoulos and Jeff Paulus submit questions…
  • 25:02 – Canadian pop culture time: Drake, Tal Bachman, and K'naan all featured heavily.
  • 35:02 – Audio round: Valour FC's Rob Gale and Cavalry FC are the topics…
  • 41:31 – Final round: Name The Island Games' many, many penalty takers.
  • 52:20 – Charlie passes on the victory… Drama!
Download & Subscribe:'s 2020 Year-End Quiz questions:
  1. Which of the following does not describe an Alphonso Davies TikTok?
    1. Yelling into headphones about jollof rice
    2. Rapping in front of images of girlfriend Jordyn Huitema
    3. Stepping on a Borussia Dortmund kit
    4. Confetti, and the Bundesliga Rookie of the Year trophy
  2. What is a “good old fashioned ding-dong”?
  3. Has anyone scored an over-the-head bicycle kick in CPL?
  4. Alphonso Davies broke the Bundesliga speed record by going how fast?
  5. There's a three-way tie for the CPL's all-time goalscoring record between Golden Boot winners Akeem Garcia, Tristan Borges and who?
  6. Which 2020 CPL Macron home kit featured “The Golden Boy” on the lower back?
  7. Which player logged the most minutes at the Island Games?
    1. Jems Geffrard
    2. Peter Schaale
    3. Thomas Meilleur-Giguère
    4. Daniel Krutzen
  8. Which CPL team used all seven international slots in 2020?
  9. Which year did Christine Sinclair score 23 goals for Canada – ten more their next best yearly output of 13.
  10. Which Canadian attacker assisted on Sinclair's historic 185th international goal this Winter against St. Kiss and Nevis?
    1. Adriana Leon
    2. Jessie Fleming
    3. Jordyn Huitema
    4. Sophie Schmidt
  11. Which province has yet to produce a CPL player?
  12. Which player suited up for his third CPL club in 2020?
  13. How do you spell Niko G… (York United, Cavalry FC goalkeeper) last name?
  14. Which former CPL coach won not one but two trophies during his time in the league?
  15. 2010 was an incredible year for this Canadian hip-hop artist, who saw his song covered by all-star Canadian performers for Haiti earthquake relief and was the second anthem for the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.
  16. What's the first line in Tal Bachman's 1990s hit “She's So High?”
    1. She's blood, flesh, and bone
    2. She's high society
    3. She comes to speak to me
    4. First-class and fancy-free
  17. Which Canadian artist record an official anthem for Toronto FC in 2008?
    1. Nickelback
    2. Alanis Morrisette
    3. Barenaked Ladies
    4. Gordon Lightfoot
  18. The bassist for this Hamilton band owns season seats to Forge FC
  19. Complete this tracklisting: Over My Dead Body, Shot For Me, ___ Crew Love, Take Care
  20. This prominent Canadian men's national team player played alongside NHL legend Roberto Luongo at Val-d'Or in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.
  21. Which game or opponent is Rob Gale referring to in this clip?
  22. Who scored this penalty… and celebrated with a dance?
  23. Nineteen penalties were called in 35 matches in Prince Edward Island. Name the 12 goalscorers.
  24. Name the five CPLers who scored braces (two-goal games) in 2020

  1. Stepping on a Borussia Dortmund kit
  2. Difficult game in Honduras, according to Forge FC's David Edgar
  3. No
  4. 36 km/h
  5. Easton Ongaro
  6. Valour FC
  7. Daniel Krutzen
  8. HFX Wanderers FC
  9. 2012
  10. Adriana Leon
  11. Newfoundland and Labrador
  12. Ben Fisk – Atlético Ottawa, Pacific, Edmonton
  13. “Giantsopoulos”
  14. Jeff Paulus – Peacock Plate and 2020 Wooden Spoon
  15. K'naan
  16. She's blood, flesh, and bone
  17. Barenaked Ladies
  18. Arkells
  19. Headlines
  20. Patrice Bernier
  21. HFX Wanderers FC
  22. Sergio Camargo
  23. Paolo Sabak, Akeem Garcia, Nathan Mavila, Joao Morelli, Joe Di Chiara, Ibra Sanoh, Sergio Camargo, Daryl Fordyce, Fraser Aird, Nik Ledgerwood, Jordan Brown, Daniel Krutzen
  24. Jordan Brown, Akeem Garcia, Joao Morelli, Javier Acuña, Joe Di Chiara

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