Christmas came early for Canadian soccer nerds. On Monday, Football Manager announced that the Canadian Premier League as an officially licensed, playable league in the latest edition of the game, Football Manager 2020. The flagship franchise of soccer simulation allows players to take a managerial role with clubs in more than 50 countries. Players can handle every facet of management: signing players, creating training routines, developing tactics, and scouting young talent. RELATED READING: 4 CPL saves you should try in Football Manager 2020 As one of the biggest sports games on Mac and PC, Football Manager reaches every corner of the globe – including here in Canada. Thus, many were excited by the news. Although add-ons and modifications made the league playable previously, Football Manager’s involvement made it feel more official. So, without further ado, let’s see what people were saying about the latest Football Manager news.
This insinuates you stopped playing the game. Is that true, OneSoccer’s Oliver Gage?

Regular CanPL Twitter weird guy @FTofD shows how accurate Football Manager models could look in the future. Incredible! That looks and feels like a real Jeff Paulus!

Up the road in Calgary, Cavalry FC coach Tommy Wheeldon Jr. seemed quite pleased with the news. Business or pleasure? Definitely pleasure. editor and Centre Circle LIVE! host Marty Thompson is hard at work testing out the game over the holidays. His first report is a result that looks… familiar?

Oliver Gage, the brains behind Centre Circle Data at the CPL league office, puts forth a recommendation for your backroom staff: Anyone but me.

HFX Wanderers Vice President Matt Fegan sheds a bit of light on his love for the game genre. By the way, Matt, Wanderers midfielder Scott Firth is four years younger than your Barnet save in Championship Manager…

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