In the latest episode of Beyond the Pitch, and OneSoccer’s Kristian Jack sits down with the Canadian Premier League’s current golden boot leader, HFX Wanderers attacker João Morelli ahead of his club’s massive 2021 Canadian Championship quarterfinal against CF Montreal Wednesday (5pm ET/6pm AT live on OneSoccer). João talks about that big upcoming match, how the city of Halifax has boosted his exploits on the pitch, and his near-death experience as a child after a tragic zipline accident. The two also discuss Brazilian football, Morelli’s fondness of "the real Ronaldo" and how young João ended up in "dark" northern England, something that endlessly fascinates fellow northerner KJ.
  • 4:16 – How the city of Halifax has become Morelli’s secret weapon: "You feel comfortable here."
  • 5:46 – How some unfriendly games of keep-away and Brazilian Ronaldo inspired a six-year-old João to get into football.
  • 9:05 – João discusses a terrifying ziplining accident that nearly took his life as a child: "I thought I was going to die that day."
  • 15:35 – How João went from realizing he could be a footballer at 15 to… Moving to Northern England
  • 19:01 – KJ levels with João about what’s like in the north: "I had to go back home after living in Blackpool."
  • 24:11 – João discusses his northern English twang in his voice: "If I would have done this interview three years ago you wouldn’t understand my accent."
  • 25:10 – How João’s attacking versatility has led to a golden boot-leading season thus far: "The less defending the better for a Brazilian."
  • 29:04 – Morelli on playing CF Montreal: "I really feel like we have the qualities to go through… Obviously, on paper they are favourites but football is crazy."

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