So, gamers have had a few days to sink their teeth into the Canadian Premier League in Football Manager 20. What have they discovered? With hundreds of players, new clubs, and a completely different ecosystem for it all to live in, Football Manager players have many rocks to peak under as they manage one or more CPL teams. But, if you’re just starting out, the game can seem a bit daunting. Take building your staff, for example. There are countless former players and well-known names to recruit (we’re looking at you, Oliver Gage). Any Canadian soccer fan would love to have Tomasz Radzinski around, right? RELATED READING: Football Manager adds CPL as playable league for FM20 Then there are the players. So many players. Unfortunately, we can’t give much advice when it comes to building your winning squad – that’s all on you. We can, however, give you a few things worth checking out. Maybe this will pique your curiosity.
Marco Carducci is the real deal

Here’s a must-sign. Marco Carducci, this year’s Goalkeeper of the Year, arrives as the biggest CPL prospect in the game. The Cavalry FC backstop's in-game potential is sky-high, rivalling the likes of Liam Millar and Ballou Tabla at the top of Canada’s player pool. At 23, Carducci sports impressive goalkeeping and mental attributes, both of which tend to develop later in goalkeepers in-game, just as in real life. Good communication and leadership skills hint at a "goalkeeper of the future" tag for your squad. You should grab him right away, though. This year’s Volkswagen Premier Performer is valued at $100,000 to start the game – a steal considering his potential.
CanMNT strikers available Day 1

Searching for goals? Hit the Canadian soccer Rolodex. Simeon Jackson and Iain Hume are the two major Canadian free agents available at the beginning of the campaign. While 32 and 36 respectively, these Canadian men’s national team forwards offer some impressive attacking attributes. With high finishing ratings, you should pair these strikers with creative midfielders. RELATED READING: 4 CPL saves you should try in Football Manager 2020 Jackson, who has accumulated 49 caps for Canada, is available on a free after a spell with St. Mirren in Scotland. Hume, meanwhile, is without a contract after a few seasons in India. In FM20, Jackson and Hume are comparable to 2019 Player of the Year Tristan Borges in terms of ability. While that’s debatable, surely, it’s still worth taking a crack at these potential MVPs in your save.
Josip Golubar revisionist history

Josip Golubar didn’t have the greatest season in Winnipeg In one of the CPL’s biggest "what-ifs" from Year 1, the veteran Croatian midfielder went down with a season-ending injury after three matches with Valour FC. Football Manager 20 allows you to play revisionist history with Golubar rather easily, turning his time in the CPL around in a big way. Thing is, Golubar is very good midfielder in FM20. Decent first touch, great physical abilities and good passing and tackling makes him one of the best middle-of-the-park options in the CPL. He’s also quite versatile; able to play defensive midfield, on either wing and up top quite proficiently. If you’re not managing Valour, perhaps look to buy him fast, since he’s already 35.
Adrian Cann: Player-coach?

Here’s another Canadian soccer throwback. Adrian Cann, former Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps centre back, starts the game as a 39-year-old free agent – available to be signed as a player, coach, or both. RELATED READING: A supporter’s 2,000-hour journey to bring CPL to Football Manager Don’t be fooled by his in-game age. Cann, uh, can still play. At 6’3" with great physical stats (including 15 natural fitness, showing potential in-game longevity) the former Canadian national team member can do a job right away as a depth option. Of course, Cann won’t be able to play for much longer, so why not offer him a coaching role as well? He's available as a staff member, too.
Trust The Kids… virtually

Pacific FC is set up for success in FM20. Play a few in-game years with this CPL set-up and you’ll see – almost always do the club’s under-21 cohort end up improving with the playing time. A peak behind the curtain via the Football Manager In-Game Editor shows seven of these young players have the potential to be good enough to become the best player in the league. If you’re not playing as Pacific FC (specifically the "British Columbia-only" save we suggested here), grab some of these players on a free. You’ll be glad you did.

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